October 2023

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Friday November 24, 2023


Meeting Directions: CrossPiont Church


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The members started to gather at 6:15 in the parking lot waiting for Scott Anderson to arrive and open the door.

Fortunately, the weather was warm for October. The meeting room was fully engaged when President Cal Branton started the meeting at 7:00.

28 members and guests were present for the presentations, discussions, and camaraderie.

Scott Russell’s, 1/5th Scale F-86 Sabre

Scott brought in his SkyMaster North American F-86 Sabre in a paint scheme reflecting West Germany's first jet fighter division.

Tragically on Aug. 7th in '63, the JG+344MSN was in a fatal accident on a target range at Aurich-Brockzetel killing the pilot and five bystanders on the ground.

He purchased the model that has a 91" wingspan, a length of 90" and a dry weight at about 42lbs.  Scott pulled the KingTech 320 (72lbs of thrust) Turbine from the F86 and used it for the test flights of the Me163 project.


Cal Branton’s 1/3rd Scale Glenn Torrance SE-5a

Cal brought in another great looking project.  The airplane is a 1/3 scale Glenn Torrance SE 5a.  The projected weight will be around 50 pounds.  Glenn was originally going to make around 12 kits but he’s not sure how many Glenn actually made.

Roy Maynard has one as well.  Each kit has over 4000 parts.  The kit is very well engineered and all the parts fit perfectly.

Cal bought a set of flat flying wires for it from Switzerland.  He expects it will take another year or two for him to finish it.  It will be powered by a DA 85.  As you can see from the image, the scale details are everywhere!


Sherwood Heggen’s, Curtis P-36 ... FOR SALE!

Sherwood share the progress on his Curtis P-36/Hawk75 build from Jerry Bates Plans.

It's been glassed and ready for finishing. The power is to be a DLE-55.

The gear is from Sierra Giant Scale.

Sherwood is selling it as well as several of his other large scale airplanes to thin out his fleet.

Our next meeting will be Friday November 24th , 2023.

Roy Maynard’s ¼ scale SPAD

Roy brought in his ¼ scale SPAD project.  The 1/4 scale Spad XIII kit was built from a Peter Barth kit made in Germany 20 years ago.

Constructed of wood, ply and fiberglass components including the cowl, belly pan, cabane struts & landing gear. 

It is covered in Oratex and painted with latex.  The paint masks were supplied by Callie Graphics.  Powered by a Stinger 30 twin and controlled by a JETI radio.  The leather cockpit coaming and 3D printed machine guns (I Fly Tallies) are items added to enhance scale fidelity .  Roy’s color scheme is from a British Spad found in a Windsock Data file.

Roy tells us he used the paint/sugar technique to get the right rust look on the exhaust.  He expects he will be ready for its maiden flight in the spring of 24.


TEAM Composite’s Me-163 Komet - Project Update

Scott Russell & Ahmed Bassal presented the FLOWN Prototype of the 45% Me-163 project.  Check-out the YouTube Videos!


ME 163 Komet YouTube Video's


Dan Schmidt’s, De Havilland DH-85

Dan shared his most recent project, the DH-85 Leopard Moth.  It originated from Puss Moth design in 1933 and was sold as a 3-place air tourer.  This was the last aircraft design that Geoffrey DeHavilland ever flew.

 It competed in the Kings Cup Air race from London to Glasgow and back to London with an average speed of 139mph, not to bad for a 4 cylinder engine of 130 HP.

The model is just shy of 1/4 scale with a 90" wingspan.

These wings also fold back as the full scale.  It was built from English plans designed by Robin Fowler.  Power is from an OS .91 4-cyl and the weight is 10 lbs.  It has a full interior to hide the radio system.  The maiden flight is planned for spring of '24, should be a good flyer, lots of wing area.

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