This is our First Meeting for the 2018-19 building season.  All of us are looking forward to some wonderful projects being developed by a number of SFM Members ... Don't forget to bring'em to a meeting and share your insights! 


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church


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The 1st meeting of the 2018-2019 season was opened to the attending 35 members and guests by President Cal Branton’s welcoming remarks and fascinating airline travel story.  If you missed it, be sure to ask Cal to share it with you when you see him!  The meeting was well attended and had many great projects and stories.

Larry Sorenson is collecting This Season’s Dues so we can continue to meet at this location.  Be sure to contact Larry to pay your dues!  Email Larry or use the Membership Form

Roy Maynard's – Report on attending JET POWER Rally in Germany

Roy attended the JET POWER rally this summer with SFM members Zack , Kirk Hall, and Ahmed Elbassal to see this weekend event in person.

here was a lot of great flying and there were a number of 40%-50% scale jets flying. The larger jets seem to fly easier and relatively slower. Roy recommends attending the event if you are interested.

Jeff Edstron's – Report on attending the 2018 Centennial WW1 Rally at Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, Ohio

Jeff truly enjoys his WW1 fighters and made it a point to attend and participate in this centennial of the end of the Great War.  It was a 2 day event with 70 RC pilots and 18 full size WW1 replicas flying. He commented that getting flight time was at a premium and he got 2-3 total flights at the event.  Jeff suggested that the event could have been managed better for pilot & aircraft safety and flying time.

David P. Andersen – How to draw your own plans from a 3-view drawing:

David gave a talk on how he creates Giant Scale RC designs from 3-view drawings and reference materials.

First: He starts out choosing his subject then creates a copy of the view he wants to draw and sizes it down so it can be blown up into a 36 inch wide print at a local copy shop.

Second: With the blown up copy (sized to the scale you want) he lays it under drawing velum/Mylar with a reference grid pattern in it and traces the view onto the velum using pencil and adds detail.

Then: The pencil document is then overlayed with the final velum/Mylar and inked for better reproduction purposes.  Additional detail such as a dummy engine can be sketched into the image in pencil by tracing it onto the final document.  This document is used for prints and scans for distribution.

David must have a very large drawing board in his town house!


Jeff Edstrom – 1/3rd Scale Indiana Air Works Pfalz D.IIIa project:

Jeff brought in his partially completed 1/3rd scale Pfalz D.IIIa fighter project designed for the DLE-85 engine.  The kit is sold by Indiana Air Works and is currently only one of seven sold as yet.  Jeff has conceded that he has too many other projects at this time so he’s placing the kit and the DLE-85 up for sale.

The website for these beautiful 1/3rd Scale Pfalz D.IIIa is:


Scott Anderson – Phoenix Models 30cc Stinson Reliant 1/5th scale 86 inch span ARF:

Scott shared information on his Stinson Reliant ARF.  The Stinson was purchased through Tower Hobbies before the bank-ruptcy announcement and was delivered in April. 

It’s a good looking ARF in the white with blue trim colors. The heat shrink covering looks very tight and attractive out of the box.  Scott worked with Callie Graphics for custom markings.  The pilot is a Best Pilot’s Pappy Boyington.  The “story” is that Boyington was in San Diego and ‘borrowed’ the Stinson to fly up to see his girlfriend Lucy. (Good imagination to qualify it as a Classic in a Warbird era!)

The Stinson is powered by a Saito FG-40cc gasoline 4-stroke running off a 16 ounce Rotoflow™ fuel tank.  During engine break-in Scott learned that he could get as much as 60 minutes of engine run time per 16 ounce tank.  The Stinson has flown this summer off of grass as well as paved runways with good results.  Total assembly time (minus the indecision time) was 6-10 hours.  The Saito FG-40 is a wonderful sounding engine and flies the Reliant well at less than 50% throttle.


Jeff Quesenberry – 1/5th Scale IL-2 Sturmovik Project from David P. Andersen Plans:

Jeff has moved on after finishing David Andersen’s most recent project, the ¼ scale Hurricane and is now building David’s latest design the 1/5th scale 115 inch span Sturmovik (see Oct. 2017 SFM Newsletter).  Jeff is using the fiberglass fuselage kit from Jeff Micko to speed his project.

The IL-2 Sturmovik will be powered by a DA-85 and has an expected weight of 40#.  Jeff’s building his and a second with SFM member Dave Szabo so they can be both from the same squadron.  He has been hand cutting all his parts from his extensive wood supply and has created his wing center section over a weekend.  The landing gear is by Larry Shinden.  Jeff is hoping to have both flying by Warbirds over the Midwest 2019 in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

Duane Dahnert – 1/6th scale Curtis Robin electric built from plans:

Duane is in his early 90’s and is a long time member of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota. He’s been collecting his experiences in a scrapbook entitled “80+ years of Model Airplanes by Duane”.

Duane’s latest project is his 1/6th scale Curtis Robin electric built from plans.  It embodies Duane’s eye for detail in every small feature of the model.  He’s built functional sprung landing gear and tail wheel as well as functional doors and hatches.  He’s powered the Robin with a 110 electric with dual 4c 5000mAH batteries driving a 13 inch prop.  Duane reports that it flies well. Nice work Duane!


Roy Maynard – J10 Jet returns:

Roy brought in his Chinese J10 jet fighter to report on updates and enhancements. The aircraft was built from Ahmed’s molds and it powered by a JETS-MUNT M200XBL turbine.  It is incredibly light at 30  pounds.

Roy has enhanced the paint and markings to include a very scale looking exhaust.  Roy demonstrated the control throws on the canard as well as the thrust vectoring capability.  Roy reports that the J11 practically leaps off the runway and would be a very good first jet for an experienced pilot.


Dan Schmidt – 1/6th Scale DeHavilland Rapide:

Dan shared his latest De Havilland model, the Rapide twin electric powered cabin biplane.  Dan has the motors set as counter rotating to make take-off easier.

This is Dan’s 4th version of the De Havilland built from plans and he commented that the plans he used had difficulties with straight lines.

Dan’s markings were from the Royal Auto Club and created by Callies Graphics. This version has yet to fly so we’re looking forward to getting the flight report from Dan!


Chris Gruendemann – 1/6th Scale Fly Eagle F-18 Fighter:

Chris brought in his latest acquisition from Canada. The F-18 is in a custom Canadian Paint Scheme that should be easy to see in the air as well as on the ground.

The model was originally built and flown by an older man living in Canada but proved to be a bit too fast for his comfort.

Chris took delivery of the model at Toledo this year and has since replaced the original AMT-450 turbine with a JetCat 200 modified for kero start.

The F18 carries 190 ounces of jet fuel and the JetCat burns approximately 30 ounces per minute so Chris is looking forward to 4-5 minute flights. The servos are all Futaba. Chris reports that he’s looking forward to flying it before it gets too cold!


Jon Bomers - New Website Platform on the Horizon!

Our website was launched in late 2001 on (for the time) a state-of-the-art platform.  The internet, browsers and front-end user devices have dramatically change during that same period, so it's time that we change too!

Quietly over the next couple of months you'll notice subtle changes in our website and then one day you'll visit and think "What the What?"  Our new platform will function seamlessly with all frontend devices and better serve the Scale Flyers of Minnesota Members as well as the thousands of visitors that stop by each month!

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