The 2017 flying season has just been called to an end with the threat of up to 8 inches of snow on this Friday October 27th!

Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson

The Next Meeting of this building season will be Friday Novemeber 24, 2017, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


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The meeting started at 7:00 with Cal Branton welcomed the 32 members and guests.

Treasurer Larry Sorenson reminded everyone that it is time to pay your $10 for this season.

If you were not at the meeting you can contact Larry via e-mail or use the Membership Link to pay your $10.00 Dues before the next meeting.

Jon Bomers: Had a chance to visit Aero Telemetry this summer.  Recommended if you're near Huntington Beech, CA

David Andersen: Babs is prepped for flights at this years NAMFI Event.

Shane "Opie" Logue: waits a few moments to fly his unique Gloster Gladiator Bi-plane.  This bargain purchase turned out to be a wonder flyer! 

Roy Carrigan's: Ty Brown Zero flew wonderfully at this years NAMFI Event, equipment with a Quadra 100cc and a 3 blade propeller, it's performance made you think it was a much larger power plant.

75th Anniversary of the Battle of

Midway Airshow- Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Shane (Opie) Logue gave a report on the 75th Anniversary Warbird Flying Event at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The event was hosted by the Hawaii club but supported by Warbirds West who targeted pilots with giant scale carrier based aircraft to participate.

Opie tells us that this is one of the first times his love for ‘ugly’ aircraft had gotten him a paid vacation to Hawaii!

Opie, Chris Launer and Roy Carrigan crated up five aircraft and Warbirds West paid to have them shipped to Las Vegas where they were loaded onto a military transport and flown to Pearl Harbor.  The crates were then ferried to Hangar 79, a December 7th 1941 survivor, on Ford Island where they waited for the pilots to arrive and set them up.

Opie tells us the winds were strong (+30 mph), but down the runway making take-offs and landings interesting.  The limitations of historic structures such as the Ford Island Tower kept the flight pattern tight.

The event went very well and Opie & Chris returned with the same number of aircraft as they started with!


Jeff Quesenbury’s (David P Andersen)

¼ Scale Hawker Hurricane Prototype Build

Jeff brought in his Hurricane project to show the detailing he’s putting into the primer before it goes to paint.

Jeff tells us that it will be finished as a Romanian Hurricane as he likes their colors.

Jeff used 0.010” thick G10 to sheet the center section and provide a good mating surface to the wings.  The level of detail achieved to simulate the fabric covered rear fuse and the removable panels with fasteners up front.

Jeff is planning on a Quadra 110 cc inline twin to power it.  He’s checked with some suppliers for a scale flying spinner and bids have come back as high as $1,000.00.  He’s planning on using a P51 spinner with a 3-blade prop.


Roy Maynard’s 1/3rd Scale Glenn Torrance SE-5a Build

Cal Branton and Roy are building a pair of 1/3rd Scale SE-5a’s from Glenn Torrance kits.  Roy brought in his horizontal and vertical stabilizers to show the building style and detail.

All the spars and longerons are CNC machined spruce looking every bit the full size product! The elevator cables are internal to the horizontal stab and have functional pullies inside.

Power will be supplied by DA-85’s with custom Brisson Mufflers. The kits have over 4,500 parts and the radiator alone has 300-500 parts!  Roy tells us that the full size aircraft has flattened flying wires so there is a supplier in Europe offering a set of wires for approx. $600.00.

We’ll look forward to seeing this project completed this spring!


Jon Bomers' 1/4 Scale Lockheed Model 8 Sirius

Jon's 1/4 Scale Lockheed Model 8 Sirius has a wingspan of 120" and flies like a dream!  This is the frst aircraft in his hangar to have 123 batteries after receiving some great advice from Roy Maynard.

Jon's now completing his Andersen Babs and will be incorporating 123's into it's flight systems as well.

David P. Andersen Reveals New 1/5th Scale IL-2 Sturmovik plans

Dave introduced his newest project to the wall of the meeting room. The 1/5th scale model will have a wing span of 115 inches (2.9 meters). Dave tells us that Century Jet and Shinden are building scale retractable landing gear for the design. He brought in an example of the Century Jet IL-2 gear and it looked very scale. Carl Schneider is creating 3D printed accessories (exhaust ports, etc.).

Jeff Quesenberry has volunteered to build the prototype this year (as soon as he finishes his ¼ scale David P Andersen Hurricane!) Dave says the canopy is a real challenge due to the heavy armour plating around the pilot!

The only vulnerable points for the IL-2 were the unprotected rear gunner and the radiator. The radiator was actually retractable during combat in order to protect it. (double click photo's for closer view)

Dave likes the IL-2 as there were 36,183 built during WWII.


Roy Maynard’s 1/5th Scale Skyraider

Roy had purchased the Skyraider from Gaines Smith of the TRAMPS club in Oklahoma during a summer road trip with Kurt Hall.

Gaines Smith has been re-engineering N. Ziroli

plans to add more scale with better dimensions and detail.

Gaines has been re-engineering Ziroli plans to make them more scale with more precise dimensions and detail.  This Sandy is equipped with functional speed brakes, a sliding canopy, a scale tail-wheel and a beautifully detailed weapons load.  It weighs 62# and has a wingspan of 120”.

The Skyraider has flown at NAMFI for several years and Gaines is reducing his inventory. This one is powered by a DLE-111 with an electric start package.  Roy is looking forward to flying it in 2018!


Zach Geragi's 1/6th Scale MIG 29 Build

Zach displayed his new  1/6th scale MIG 29 model ARF built from  It's all composite and uses molded honeycomb and carbon fiber composites.  It is powered by (2) JetCat 160 turbines that will produce nearly 75# of thrust. Wow!

It has functional speed brakes, vectoring thrust nozzles and multi-doored scale landing gear.  The wing span is listed as 1900mm or 75” and is 2750mm long (108”)!

Zach is excited about getting it into the air in 2018 and is working with the AMA in order to create a Minnesota based RC Jet Club. We look forward to learning more as the season progresses!


Our Next Meeting for this building season will be Friday November 24th (After Thanksgiving)


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