Our first meeting of the 2016-2017 Building Season was called to order by President Cal Branton precisely at 7PM.

Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church




Next meeting will be Friday November 25th, a day after

Thanksgiving!  Bring your projects for Show & Tell!

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Our first meeting of the 2016-2017 Building Season was called to order by President Cal Branton precisely at 7PM.

There were several events discussed at the meeting and we will publish a list of them for the 2017 Flying Season so you can plan your weekends! 

You can also go to; https://www.modelaircraft.org/events/calendar.aspx  or use https://www.rcflightdeck.com/advancedSearch.cfm anytime as well.

I also put together short review of a few of the 2016 Summer Scale Flying Events ... one of my wonderful photo essay's by event is forthcoming!

Quite a number of SFM pilots attended the 3rd Annual Windy City Warbirds event.  It was a hot weekend with severe thunderstorms and nearby tornados.  Jeff Edstrom was awarded Best WW1 trophy for his Balsa USA 1/3rd Scale Fokker Dr.1 triplane.  It was the first event for that aircraft and Jeff had the throttle servo fail during his morning check-out flight and he had to fly it until it ran out of fuel (30 minutes!).

Terrific turn-out this year. Again we were hampered by hot weather; thunderstorms and no less than (3) funnel clouds during the event. Flying was great for Thursday & Friday.  It was still a terrific event hosted by Cal Branton, Steve Mills and the members of SMMAC.

The Minnesota Embassy tried something new this year. Under the leadership of Larry Sorenson, members were sheltered under our own rented circus tent approximately 30 x 90 ft. in size.  It worked very well for a sun shelter and as our evening aircraft storage.  This event follows NAMFI and so did the weather.  We had great flying Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Friday we had rain until 10 and had some great flying afterwards.  Saturday was a wash-out with severe thunderstorms. :-(

This was the 3rd year of the TCRC Scale Saturday held at the TCRC Model Air Park near Jordan, MN.  It started out raining but the weather cleared early and we had a great day flying.  There have been requests to change the weekend so it does not conflict with the Grassfield Big Bird Fly In

The Western Wisconsin Modelers Association Scale Contest @ Buck Knob Field in Durand, WI Scale event was mentioned by Cal with the suggestion that we plan to participate in 2017.  It is held on a private airstrip. More to come!

Event Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson

Kirk Hall displayed his Fokker Dr1 Triplane build from Ron Weiss plans.  Kirk acquired it while attending the Mid-Atlantic Dawn Patrol Event near Virginia Beach.  It is powered by a 3W-120cc turning a 28x10 prop.  All the controls are pull-pull cable systems powered by JR servos.

It weighs in about 40-42lbs and has about 12 flights on it mostly flown at throttle.  As of this meeting Kirk has not flown it yet.

The previous owner is connected with the Fighter Factory Museum and let Kirk sit in a renovated Me-109.  He says the cockpit was a bit cramped!


Jeff Edstrom showed us his Balsa USA Fokker Dr1 which he had brought to compare to Kirks Ron Weiss Dr1.  At first glance its clear that the landing gear looks taller on the Weiss Fokker and that the fuselage looks thinner than the Balsa USA Fokker. 

Other than that the wingspan, height, and length all look to be the same. (See pictures for comparisons)  Jeffs Dr1 is powered by a 62 cc engine turning a 28x8 prop and weighs about 31lbs.

Jeff says hes adding smoke and a paintball gun for next season.

Jeff tells us the paintball gun will not fire pellets, but it does sound like a WW1 machine gun!


Treasurer Larry Sorenson is collecting the $10 Annual SFM Membership Dues.

Please [Click Here] if you have not paid for the 2016-2017 season.

Sherwood Heggen brought in a 1-1 scale model of the 1938 Big Guff .

Originally designed by the (Walt & Bill) Good brothers and had participated in the 1939 NATS.  It was the RC champion for 1938, 1939, and 1940 NATS.

The original had a Brown Junior for power.  Sherwood powered his model with a Saito FA-65 swinging a 14x5 prop. Our 94 year old SFM member Duane Dahnert tells us that he attended the 1938 NATS and watched the original model fly!


Duane Dahnert brought his nearly finished Bellanca for display.  He has finished it like the original located in the Smithsonian.

Hes working on the power system and expects the Bellanca to fly this spring!


Brandon Archer brought in his latest swap meet find, a Jack Stafford Comanche.  It came from an estate and is partially constructed. The receipt in the box was dated 1974 and was for $46.00.

The airframe has original Carl Goldberg retracts run by a Carl Goldberg retract servo.  Brandon plans to add running lights and all the details after hes checked out how solid the structure is.


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Although it was hard to pick which pictures from the events noted above I should enclude in this Newsletter, I couldn't help but share a few standouts.

We had a great time at the 2nd event in the Warbirds & Classics Alliance and the Windy City Warbirds event in St. Charles, IL hosted by the Fox Valley Aero Club.  Serveral SFM Members; Jeff Edstrom, Phil Schwartz, Cal Branton, Chris G and myself (Scott Anderson) were able to attend ... what a great facility and great people to fly with!  Jeff flew his 1/3rd scale Balsa USA Fokker DR1 every day and Won Best WWI Aircraft!   Sadly, Paul LeTourneau flew his beautiful Flite Metal covered L39 Albatross steadily until it had a systems failure, crashed hard and burned.

As I mentioned above NAMFI had a terrific turn-out this year.  Although we're hampered by hot weather the pilot camaraderie and quality aircraft continues to make this one of the premiere events in our area.

Jon Bomers our web editor says SFM is very privileged to have a Newsletter editor with such wonderful acquire camera skills and knowledge.  So if you've got an opportunity to get in front of Scott's camera - count yourself fortunate!


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Visitors, we appreciate your questions, inquires and support to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!

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