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Meeting Directions: CrossPiont Church




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Our November 25th meeting promptly started at 7:00 in the new meeting location at CrossPoint Church at France Avenue & 98th street in Bloomington, MN. 

In spite of holiday travels, Eighteen (18) members & guests were present, as well as some great projects, project updates and of course insightful member conversations.

Cal Branton was AWOL in Colorado Skiing with his family. 


Roy Maynard's "Bergfalke"

Roy Maynard shared his Phoenix Models (from Tower Hobbies) 3.3M (130” span) Scale ARF “Bergfalke” sailplane.  A German design from the early 1950’s with forward sweeping wings.

Roy say’s it has really nice construction and covering for a price that's less than many foamies lately!  It came with options for tow release or electric power.  Roy modified it to accept a ‘BadAss’ electric motor and matching speed controller with a 12 x 7 folding prop to get to altitude.  The battery is a 4s-4200 lipo with BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit)

He found that the wing was designed for mechanical spoilers so he installed eSprit electric spoilers (from France) with minimal modification.

The kit came with a nifty CG balancing fixture and is very easy to use. Roy found a sailplane launch dolly on eBay that was 3D printed and displayed the glider on it.

The airframe weighs about 8#. Ready to fly in the Spring when our weather warms up.

Brandon Archer's 3D Printed Pilots

Brandon Archer brought in several 3D printed pilot figures and cockpit pieces design for EDF Jets.


Ahmed El Bassal & Jan Larsen's Team Project

Ahmed & Jan showed the plug for their 45% Me-163’ canopy mold with a segment of the fuselage plug below it.

The TEAM hopes to have the completed Fuselage Plug at the December SFM meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in December!

Our next meeting will be on Friday 12/30, 2022 at 7pm.

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