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The Next Meeting of this building season will be Friday December 29, 2017, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


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Thanksgiving dinner was still a warm memory Friday November 24th when our President Cal Branton, called us to order at 7:03 pm.

No snow on the ground made it easier for 31 members and friends to be there to share their experiences and projects!

Treasurer Larry Sorenson was not in attendance but has reminded everyone that it is time to pay your $10 for this season.  If you were not at the meeting you can contact Larry via e-mail or use this Membership Link to pay your $10.00 before the next meeting.

David P. Andersenís New Project ! 1/4 Scale Beachcraft Model S35 Bonanza Plans

David again introduced his newest project to the wall of the meeting room. The 1/4 scale model will have a wing span of 100.5 inches.

This design will make use of the Mark Frankel wing from the Frankel T-34 Kit. Designed for the Zenoah GT-80 twin the Bonanza should fly as well as Chris OíConnerís Frankel T-34 and use many of the existing detail packages available.

Retracts will be custom Robart gear. Chris OíConner is building the prototype!

Roy Maynardís FliteLine Models Spitfire

Roy had purchased the electric Spitfire from Motion RC and says he has been pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance of the foam model.  It does not look like a foam model at first glance.  It has a 63Ē wing span and it powered by a 6s battery.  FliteLine Models has partnered with Callie Graphix for all their markings so you can get custom marking for your model.

Roy mentioned  the spits flight performance has been really good and he would recommend it should you want to have a grab-n-go fighter in your stable.

Cal Brantonís  1/5th  Scale Batesí Macchi 202 Build

Cal displayed his fuselage for his Macchi 202 built from Jerry Bates Plans. Itís one of Batesí recent designs as we have not yet seen another built.  The kit was Laser Cut by Holman.

Cal is using Sierra Giant Scale Retracts and Quinton Burcar 3D Printed details such as the engine intake.

The original plan was to power it with a DLE-55 but it did not fit the cowl well, so Cal is using the DLE-35 and expects decent performance with a Beila 18x8 3 blade scale Bf-109 prop covered with a Tru-Turn P-38 spinner.  A cockpit kit is expected from Brian Burcar at Dynamic Balsa.  The color scheme and details were copied from a review of a Macchi 202 Hazakawa plastic model kit Cal had found through Google.

The paint is latex house paint and the graphics were made by Callie Graphix.  Cal wants to finish detailing it before he starts to add the weathering details.

Cal we all look forward to seeing this on the flightline!

Zach Geragi & Achmed Elbassal displayed Zachís Byronís Originals F-86 Turbine project


Our Next Meeting for this building season will be Friday December 29th (After Christmas)


Zach displayed his Byronís Originals F-86 that he had bought from Craigís List that was set-up like an older ducted fan model.  Heís been working with Achmed who has been converting the ducted fan model into a true turbine powered fighter aircraft for the past 8 months.

Achmed tells us that he has made lots of mods to the structure (including the top hatch) using a lot of carbon fiber upgrades in the fuselage to get it stiff enough for flight.

Zach is powering the F-86 with a JetCat-60 he had from another acquisition and he had JetCat upgrade the 60 to the current revisions of electronics and kerosene starting protocol. 

Achmed says he found TAM JETS to be unresponsive in getting a tail pipe.  He found a source for a custom tail pipe from Moscow through RC Groups.  It was delivered in 2 weeks for less than $170.

We can wait to see the maiden flight!

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To Our International Visitors ...

Visitors, we appreciate your questions, inquires and support to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!

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Cal Branton, President


Larry Sorenson, Treasurer


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary


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Scott E. Anderson, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.


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