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November 2011

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The next meeting of the winter season of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be held on Friday, December 30, 2011 at the American Legion Post-6501 Portland, Richfield.  Come early and dine in the restaurant.  (Directions)

 At the last meeting ...

Local news...
  • Brian Crossley reported that Tri-Valley RC has not found a new field yet.  For a while, a portion of a golf course east on Hwy 4 & Hwy 42 looked promising.  The owner was willing to rent but there are homes and horses nearby, so the neighbors objected and the deal fell thru.  The search continues...
  • Tim Johnson invited all to Owatonna for the January 1st Freeze Fly.  Start at 10:00.  Chili will be served.

  • Tim Johnson also announced that the Southern Minnesota Model Airplane Club, SMMAC, will begin holding monthly meetings on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Owatonna Airport.  Meetings will include show & tell.  See his website SMMAC for more details.  A show of hands revealed that about a third of those present were members of SMMAC.  Are unofficial home field?

Dave Andersen described a nacelle plug he was making for a new 1/5th scale Ki-45 design.  He also displayed a proof version of a fiberglass La7 fuselage made by Vic Catalasan of VicRC that is lighter and stronger than the wood version.

David also presented an offer for custom embroidered SFM Shirts, Jackets, Hats etc. from a friend of Jon Bomers.  Special pricing is available through the end of the year with 25% discount available to SFM members.  Details are available through the attached PDF Embroidery Flyer.  Shown are embroidery examples of Dave Andersen’s Mitsubishi Babs derived from an in-flight photo taken by Roy Maynard.  The shirt was complete in a few days and the digitations came out fantastic considering the distance of the photo made it a bit grainy.  Also, this a mockup of a Jacket back made for Joe Grice's new F-105, and a mockup of the traditional Scale Flyers logo.  Mockup's are completed on light blue felt and sent to customer before final production on the garment he/she selects!

Rick Frane showed a prototype 1/5th scale functional gas cap that he is developing.  Made on a CNC machine.  Inspired by a German fuel filler on a Comp-ARF.  It functions like a Fuel Dot but is scale and is opened with a screw driver.  It can also be used as a cap for air lines and smoke tanks.  Rick plans to market the device when complete.  Stay tuned.

Joe Neidermayr presented a Nitro Planes (Chinese) Catalina flying boat.  “Comes with everything.”  But Joe repainted it to a more colorful color scheme by applying Fleet Farm matt paint to reduce the foamy look and then applied Model master paints in spray cans.  He commissioned custom markings from Callie Graphics.   He modified the tip floats to be retractable by extending a groove in the bottom of the wing and adding servos at the tips.  The recesses in the wing for the tip floats were filled with light filler and the inside of the floats were covered with grocery bag paper and cling plastic wrap.  When the floats retracted into the wing, they squished the filler around the floats and struts.  When dry, Joe removed the paper and plastic wrap, producing a snug and scale fit when retracted. Clever!

Scott Anderson showed us a B-17 foam ARF, right out of the box with no modifications.  It's from Hobby-King's Skunkwerks Series and has bomb drop capabilities.  Scott discovered that the 73" wingspan model has weak landing gear, so it is best to land in a cross-wind on the grass with the gear up.  Scott says his favorite maneuver with this one is a very low pass.

Dan Stahn came from Isanti, his first visit to a Scale Flyers meeting ... Welcome Dan!  He displed his partially completed 1/5th scale Top Flight Mustang. The construction was started by someone else but Stan is converting the plane to a Miss America racer scheme.  He removed the plastic covering, clipped the wing and stab and added Hoerner wingtips.  The tips were carved from balsa and strengthened with two coats of sanding sealer,  ¾ ounce glass cloth and Minwax resin.  It was his first experience with fiberglass.  He also experimented with Envirotex, Squadron and Bondo putty.  He described his introduction to fiberglass and discussed his findings.   Well done, Stan.  We look forward to your progress reports at future meetings...

Roy Maynard purchased his Byron Hellcat kit in 1998 and has been working on it ever since for a total of about 6 months actual shop time.  At 30 lbs and 86” span, this kit is generally claimed to be the best flying Byron Warbird. F/g fuse, glassed foam & balsa wing and tail, Robart gear.  Here’s how he modernized this old design:  Byron cockpit kit & Blue Box pilot.  Roy updated the flap linkage using 4 programmable servos, Y-connected to a single channel, instead of the original Byron plywood tongues.  He changed to pull-pull cables for the t/w and rudder.  Fiberglass pushrod tubes.  Twin elevator servos. Aluminum arms.  Rare-earth magnet hatch hold-downs.  Fabric-covered tail feathers instead of sheeting.  TME Smoke System.  Baffling between dummy engine cylinders. He reinforced the f/g cowl so that about 2 lbs of nose weight could be installed.  Based upon Bill Hunchis’ experience with the same kit in which cracks developed in the fuselage ahead of the tail after many flights, Roy reinforced the inside of the fuselage with 6 oz cloth and polyester resin.  During the course of this explanation, he discussed his experiences with spackling, polyester versus epoxy resins, Hysol adhesive, Sig polyester, Featherfill 62 primer and various other adhesives and fillers. Altogether, he compared about a dozen types.

Roy also modernized the old G62 engine.  He converted it to Ralph Cunningham electronic ignition.  “What a trip!”  Instantaneous throttle response “Like a glow engine.”

"As usual, for me, an ARF is like a kit - but much of the work is undoing the crappy work they did in the first place." - Brian Crossley

To Our International Visitors ...

Thank you for checking into our website from time to time.  We appreciate your desire to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!


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Fly well, fly safely and share your skills

David P. Andersen, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.

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