SFM News Letter

November 2008

by: David P. Andersen

The next meeting of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be Friday, November 28, 2008 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the non-smoking restaurant.  (Directions)

At the last meeting ...

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Jack Reeves summarized the Joe Nall Giant Scale fly-in in Greenville, S.C.  Huge Event ... hundreds of motor homes.

He also displayed a T-Rex 450 helicopter, the scale fuselage improves visibility. "Amazingly light and scale.”

He also flew a tiny E-FLIGHT Blade MCX helicopter around the meeting room. Several others did too.  Applause erupted when Scott Russell landed the tiny helicopter on Jack’s outstretched hand!

Chris O’Connor reported on the Fox Valley Giant Scale Fly-In.

Fox uses a "very, very nice flying field that has a 800-ft runway with country club grass."  Event drew about 65 aircraft and 30 plus pilots.

Dave Andersen reported on the local Scale Masters at ACRC.  Nice turnout for one flight line. He also gave a presentation on making rivets, panel lines and rib stitching using simple tools and rivet tape from...

Bud Durant discussed the  upcoming plans for float-fl-ins in New Brighton.  More details at future meetings.

Cal Branton reviewed the Fond du Lac fly-in, Warbirds Over The Rockies and Warbirds Over Denver.   He took 1st place in WWII category with his C-47.  Built by Greg Hahn, it drops 6 paratroopers. (Sorry didn't have a photo threw in a couple of nice fills)

For Sale - 84" Top-Flite P-51 Mustang $1995 RTF

Will sell without radio and/or engine, Open to Offers...

Contact Brian @ 612-721-4989 or 612-868-3993

  • About 20 flights – no mishaps.  Flies great.
  • Airplane was resin/glassed (3/4oz cloth) and spray painted with hobbypoxy/KlassKote epoxy paint.  Existing graphics could be easily removed (no clear-cote over them yet) if you wanted different graphics/markings.
  • All top quality hardware/linkages/etc. 
  • Mechanical retracts.  Mains are Robart units with air cylinders removed and replaced with JR 791 retract servos.  Tailwheel is a B&D pattern nose wheel unit with a Robart strut activated by a JR 203 retract servo. Tailwheel retracts forward like a full size P-51.  Retract setup will work for hundreds of cycles with "no muss - no fuss" (no air tanks, no filling, no plumbing, etc.).  I have gear doors and mounting brackets, but they have not been installed yet.
  • Ailerons/flaps/rudder/elevators have JR 8101 servos.  JR 537 on the throttle.  Total of 11 servos.  All servos and radio equipment are new. 
  • Moki 2.1 glow engine.  Engine has about 5 hours time on it.   It would be easy to convert to a different engine if you desire.
  • Includes Aerotech exhaust stacks, but they have not been installed yet.
  • Airplane comes complete with a special rack I made that holds the wing and fuselage in your vehicle.  Also comes with assembly rack.
  • Weight: 22 pounds exactly - ready to fly (dry)



















Jim and John Biza's Tachikawa Ida at Grassfield Classic Wayne Gerdes's DC-3 Roy Maynard, Dick Steine and Wayne Siewert at AgAir10 John Clark's British Hellcat at Owatonna
Roy Maynard preps Junkers 52 Scott Russell lands Wayne's Mooney at Top Gun 2008 Steve Meyer's Hawk at Chap 46 Sept 2008 Fly-In Roy's Mooney wins prize at Toledo Expo

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 by David P. Andersen

Available at any Hennepin County Library

“Sales Soar In A Bad Economy"... Larry Katona, Precision Cut Kits

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