SFM News Letter

November 2004

by: David P. Andersen

See You at Our Next Meeting!

The next meeting of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be Friday, November 26, 2004 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the restaurant. Meetings will be held on the last Friday of every month thru March, but not December. ( Directions )

At Our Last Meeting...

David Kolbika's Mr. Mulligan at Tri-Valley

Nate Dickerson (612-242-1234) described his epoxy paint, KlassKote.  Made in Richfield for 38 years (Viking Paints).  Now marketed to modelers.  Totally fuel proof.  Gray or white primer.  Self-leveling.  Two part plus thinner for spraying.  New Dave Platt video coming.  Custom color mixing is available.  Purchase at Hub Hobby or order through: www.KlassKote.com

Jeff Quesenberry's AMA certified 95 lb Corsair


The Paint Man!

John Baligrodski reviewed the highlights of the 2004 Scale Masters Qualifier event.  The 2005 Qualifier will be held at the end of July or early August at either Sod Busters (in Lake Elmo: One block north of Interstate 94 on Manning Avenue) or Tri-Valley RC Flyers.  John will be the event CD.  Fun Scale, Team and Expert classes will compete in this years one-day event.  Stay tuned or email newsletter editor with your questions.

Rudy Olsen handed out a stack of aviation and model magazines.  Thanks, Rudy.

Citabria by Jim Vogel at Hallaway Aerodrome

Bud Durant displayed his very light 1941 TC-12 Deluxe Taylorcraft built from an IkonN’West kit. Randolph dope, 13 lbs, 90” span, 26 oz/ sq. ft., Saito 100 twin.  Custom cut lettering and graphics.  Kline pressure regulator w/ tank on CG.  Sig Koverall and Sig dope.  Bud reduced wing incidence from 6 degrees to 2 degrees to reduce zooming coming out of a turn.  (Bernie’s response: “Take a picture of it.” ) Fueling, glow, switches, etc. all inside cabin.

Bud assembling


Cal Branton presented his 1/5th scale P-40 that he built from a Yellow kit.  Glass fuselage, foam wing.  Had to add glue to pre-installed formers.  “Tedious to build” because all glue must be epoxy.  Color scheme after "God is My Copilot" author’s airplane.  “Perfect Paint is anything but.”  If Perfect primer is not used, the color “tends to fall off.”  Assembling the complex landing gear doors were “a nightmare.”  DA50 w/ 3-blade prop.  Engine fits if rotated slightly. 26 lbs.  Large oleo travel means very low bounce.  30 flights.  “Very good flying airplane.”

Cal Branton's P-40


Dan Schmidt described his 1917 Pfalz D3-A built from highly modified Tom Polipink plans. “A lot of wire bending.”  Some alignment problems in plans. Fuselage sheeted w/ 1/64th ply—cuts like paper.   ZDZ 40.  Covered with pre-printed Glen Torrence lozenge patterned linen and nitrate dope and latex paint.  Control column moves with servos.  Custom Lexan spinner on aluminum back plate.  Color scheme from Windsock Data Files.

Dan Schmidt's Pfalz


John Halvorson, Jack Reeves, Roy Maynard

Dick Steine winds up Al Schwartz Pitcairn autogyro at Grassfield

John Green with his Sig Cub at Sod Busters

Web Editors Fill Shot...Enjoy

“If you try to lay out all the panel lines before starting rivets, you’ll drive yourself bloody crazy.”— Dave Platt.

“If you ain’t willing to lose it, don’t fly it.”— Ted Carl



Raffle prize was a $50 gift certificate to Hobby Warehouse

Recommended wed site: www.landings.com. Click on databases and registrations. Look up owner of any current airplane by tail number or a/c type. Source of scale info.

Fly well...Fly safely

Mark Prokop, President, mjprokop@aol.com  David P. Andersen, Grand Poo-bah, davidpandersen76@gmail.com