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Meeting Directions: CrossPiont Church


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The 2nd day of spring in Minnesota and we just cleared 5 inches of snow. This March meeting gathered together 29 members and friends to share building stories and plans for the upcoming flying season!

Cal Branton called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm with another classic joke/story.

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Great SFM Conversations This Month!

We're Having a SFM Meeting on April 26th!

We Look forward to seeing everyone ... bring your projects!

Chris Haertl's 1974 Taylorcraft F-19

Chris is creating a scale model of a 1974 Taylorcraft F-19 Sportsman, registration number N3560T, serial number 019 that was once owned by a good close friend.

It was purchased and brought to Minnesota by his friend in late 2018. 

We flew it until November 3 2021 until my friend Bob contracted COVID and passed.

The model itself was designed by Phil Kent in England in 1997.  The drawings are based off of Taylorcraft G-BREY whose restoration photos can be found online.  It spans 108" and should come in between 12 and 15 lbs.  The covering is Sig Koverall with Randolf dopes on the fabrics and automotive acrylic urethane for the fiber glassed and metal parts.  The colors used are Lockhaven Yellow and Hyundai Thunderbolt Yellow.  Those two colors are a pretty good match for each other for anyone building a later model Piper Cub.

The plans for this project are based off G-BREY Taylorcraft BC-12D model so there were two modifications that had to be made to convert to an F19 model.  The first is the shape of the rear windows.  This was fairly easy by moving a couple pieces around to enlarge them.  The second is lengthening the cowl.  The model has a built up wooden cowl so this just entailed lengthening the longerons by about 1 1/8".

Chris tried locating the plans alone for this model but couldn't find them outside of some sketchy looking web sites.  Hangar One Kits in New Zealand offers both short and full kits for it.  He went with the short kit to save some expense.  He mentioned the kit itself is probably the best he’d seen in his 40+ years of modeling.  Serval of the spruce sticks and spars were re-sawn from the pieces taken out of another full scale Taylorcraft a friend restored and one piece taken from the wreckage that was used for the cross member below the instrument panel.  The kit also included the harder to make metal brackets.

If you're considering building this model Chris said keep in mind it was designed to be a modeled for scale competition.  There's extensive metal working required, especially in fabricating the functioning landing gear and the structural supports between the wing spar and firewall.  The wood working is straight forward and other than one joint that can't be glued until the sides are joined there's nothing unusual.  Chris closed with; having a kit with parts cut really helps!

Next SMF Meeting: April 26th!

Richard Steine's Cessna L-19A Bird Dog

Dick shared his most recent project, The Seagull Models Cessna L-19 Bird Dog!  He purchased it from Gator RC and had heard about months of long delays in getting delivery of these ARF’s, so he was expecting it to show-up later in the spring.  Instead, Gator RC had it in-stock and delivered it to his home in 4 days ... what a pleasant surprise!

He tells us that it went together easily with the added challenge of cutting and gluing on each of the simulated stiffeners on the ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevators.  He had mistakenly placed some of the stars & bars markings upside down so he sent a note to Callie Graphics and he had replacements in short order.

Dick is powering the Bird Dog with a BME 50cc gas engine which should be more than enough power and be heavy enough to minimize the amount of weight to add to the nose to balance it. Roy Maynard provided a pilot figure.

We look forward to seeing how it flies this spring!

*Seagull Models Code: SEA378, Wingspan: 98.5”, Length: 67", Engine: 35-40cc.  Key Features:


Brandon Archer’s Avios C-130 Make-Over

Brandon had picked up the Avios C-130 Hercules Civilian Cargo version during a sale at Hobby King.  His vision was to make it over to a full camouflage military version.

He demonstrated the complex (but scale!) retracting landing gear and gear door sequencing.

It does not look like the doors will like flying from a grass runway!

The paint is beautiful and had some great weathering.  At first glance I thought it was a large static plastic model for display rather then a RC flying model!

We are hoping at future meetings Brandon can share some of his techniques for turning an out of the box ‘foamie’ into a flying piece of art!

Hobby King's Avios C-130 Specifications & Included Equipment currently discontinued.

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