This is our last meeting of the building season.  Our first Fall Meeting of 2017 will be in October.

Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson

First meeting of this building season will be Friday October 27, 2017, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


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First meeting of this building season will be Friday October 27, 2017

At first glance it may appear as though David Andersen, one of the founders of the "Scale Flyers of Minnesota", is examining all the intricate scale detail of this Giant B-25.

While that's probably true ... several SFM members mentioned that he recently saw the new Start Wars Movie and could be trying to use Jedi Mind Control to ensure that the judges only see a "Perfect Scale Model"

Larry Sorenson's

F9F Panther


Larry Sorenson brought in his latest project, the F9F Panther that he had acquired on-line.  The Panther was built and painted by Joe Siatta.  He offers a fiberglass fuselage and short kit based on the

Ziroli Panther.  Larry changed the markings on this jet to model a Panther flown by Royce Williams off the carrier Oriskany in Korea in 1952.

While on a CAP flight Williams and his wingman took on seven Soviet Mig-15 fighters, downing four.  This Cold War engagement was kept classified for forty years. 

Larry's model is equipped with JR servos, Robart retracts and will fly with a Jets Munt VT-80 turbine.  Dry weight is 20 pounds.

Larry & Roy Maynard suggested that they will participate in the Iowa Jet-Fly in Ottumwa, IA in August.


Zach Geragi's - Giant B-25

Zach found this incredible aircraft hanging in the back of a local hobby shop and had to have it.  It had been built years ago for John Clark of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota and had been retired due to his health conditions.

Giant B-25 Spec's

  • 126" Wing Span

  • (2) g62s for power 

  • 20x10 3 blade props 

  • Fiberglass Fuse

  • Brakes, Gear Doors 

  • Lights, Etc.

  • Robart gear

Phil Schwartz', IAR-80/81

The 1st prototype of David P. Andersen's latest design is almost ready to fly.  Phil Schwartz started construction January 1st, 2017 and on

March 31's is ready for its maiden flight.  It weighs in at 33# 2 ounces and is powered by a DLE120 twin.  The gear is from Sierra Giant Scale and he's using a FTE cast resin dummy engine.

Phil tells us that the fiberglass parts from Jeff Micko were first rate and simplified construction.

Phil will paint the IAR-80/81 and detail it after the test flights.


Roy Maynard's




Roy brought in his latest project, a Scale Italian Aermacchi MB 339S Jet sold by C&C models in Italy.


The MB-339 is an Italian military trainer

and light attack aircraft.  An interesting historical point was that MB-326s, together with more modern MB-339s, formed the equipment of the Argentine Navy's 1 Escuadrilla de Ataque in 1982, when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands.

This model has a 106 inch wingspan, Electron retracts and brakes (electric), and a Jets Munt 200XBL turbine. Controlled by Roy's JETI radio, the MB-339 weighs in about 35 pounds. 

Roy confirmed that it is almost ready to fly.  "Just another week of programming and good to go."


Darren Bittzer's,

C-47 Composite Kit


Darren introduced his latest project, his C47 composite kit!  It is 8.295 scale with 137" wingspan.


He tells us that he will be making it available for sale as a kit the fuselage is 4 pieces for shipping ease.


He will be powering his prototype with a pair of RCGF 20cc gassers.

Darren has the tail set up as direct drive servos, no servos linkage, he's hoping to get it airworthy this year.


Brandon Archer

MIG-21 Flogger EDF


Brandon returned with his MIG-21 to report that it flew well but could use some color to improve visibility. He measured the in-flight speed at 125 mph top speed.


Brandon added external

stores (bombs & fuel drop tanks) as well as a Dr. Mad King LED Afterburner Lighting System that changes color and intensity with the throttle setting.

The MIG is powered by a 6s 5200 mAH 65C LiPo to get 2-1/2 to 3 minutes of flight.


Joe Neidermyr's - Junkers Ju-52 Scratch Build

As a prolific electric scale builder and designer Joe has been consistently developing new electric powered scale designs. During the March meeting he introduced us to his latest project, the Junkers Ju-52 German tri-motor transport originally manufactured from 1931 through 1952.

The iconic corrugated aluminum skin will be a challenge to reproduce but we're confident that Joe will make it look good. As of this meeting it is strictly plans but we expect to see more this summer!

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To Our International Visitors ...

Visitors, we appreciate your questions, inquires and support to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!

Share your knowledge ...


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