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The last Scale Flyers of Minnesota meeting of the season was held on Friday, March 4, 2016 @ 7:00 pm. at; Southtown Baptist Church.

We'll be taking a break during the summer flying seasons and starting up again in October of 2016 ... Enjoy the flying season!

 At the meeting ...


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Joe Grice, As you perhaps know, SFM Cofounder, former SFM President and three times Top Gun Winner Joe Grice is a 747 pilot.  One of his ships is now on display in the Smithsonian.

"I have hundreds of hours in this very ship crossing the Pacific.  Sad and thrilling at the same time to see her again here as a display.  She will live forever here. Perhaps my Grandson will one day brag to his friends."

Video & Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson.

Chris Gruendemann's Ziroli F8F Bearcat Project;  Rusty tells us that he purchased this project as a finished aircraft from a friend who buys and sells aircraft.

He stripped off the Solartex iron on covering and glassed the structure with ĺ ounce glass and Envirotex epoxy thinned to 50%.  After some probing he found that it needed an extreme make-over in order to be truly flight worthy. :-(

Chris's comment was that it would have been easier to build it from scratch! Power is from a DLE-85 fueled by a 32 oz. tank, the undercarriage is Robart and the servos are Hitec HS-5645ís.  The paint is latex and the aircraft is modeled after #106 off of the USS Boxer.

It weighs in all finished at 37lbs.  The engine has not yet been run up so Rustyís looking forward to his maiden flight this spring.


Jim Courtneyís Bates Sea Fury Project:  Jim has been working on this project for some time. Inspired by Roy Maynardís Sea Fury. This is Jimís first giant scale Warbird.


Roy Maynardís Bates Sea Fury Roy brought his Sea Fury to show along side Jim Courtneyís Sea Fury.Royís Sea Fury is powered by a Saito FA-300T glow 4-stroke twin with onboard glow.

The undercarriage is a set of BullDog  mechanical retracts powered by a low profile retract servo with Glennis scale wheels.


 (See video)  Roy showed us the retraction mechanism and door sequencing.

Jim Lundquistís Ziroli SBD Dauntless Project Jim picked up this project at a swap meet and itís his first giant scale Warbird project.

He started the project last Thanksgiving.  Heís learned a lot about the build process and has

worked with many resources in the club and at Hobby Warehouse to work out the details. Originally it was set up for a Fuji gas engine.  It weighs 23 Ĺ# prior to paint.  The project looked so good that Kirk Hall bought it at this meeting!

Another SFM brought his Dave Platt A-36 Apache/Mustang-I Project:  He purchased to project from someone who could not build it.  The canopy has a Malcolm hood which is unusual and striking.

Heís been building it with internal servos and linkages for the rudder, elevators, ailerons and flaps.

Power will be from a Moki gas engine and has Robart retracts.  It has been glassed and it ready for paint.  It's always wonderful to find a project like this.  Sometime the building can be iffy but unique projects always challenge us as molders.


Pete Stepelton's Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Stearman Project:  Pete has been building a beauty but like all Balsa USA Stearman builds they are time consumming!  He taking the time with this build to add many scale features.

For those of you who have built this kit you know first hand the time it takes just to screw in the sheet metal with all those tiny screws.

Pete chose the Evolution 260 Radial for this project and we're all looking forward to seeing this bird in the air this spring!


Joe Neidermyrís Electric Twin Telemetry Project: Our ever insightful engineer, Joe has developed a telemetry device.

It will advise the pilot (through his Spektrum talking transmitters) and balance the power output of twin motor aircraft when one motor is restricted.

Joe demonstrated the process and his circuit.  Feel free to contact Joe if you are interested!

A few SFM Members had the opportunity to attend this years Weak Signals R/C Show in Toledo Ohio.  Differently the premier R/C Show in the Midwest and one of the largest in the USA. Here's a couple quick snippets.
Roy Maynardís Heinkel He 162 took 1st Place in the "Jet Class" this year.  And, his Type VII U-Boat took 2nd in "Military Scale".  Wow! Big Congrats to Roy this year!

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Other Toledo Sightings!    

Scott Andersen "SFM Newsletter Editor" made the rounds to look for new ideas and catch-up with old flying buddies, Andy Panoncillo!

Steve Mills our famous You Tube guy and electric aircraft aficionado, was seen helping to sell "a Mill" or haggle for one!

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To Our International Visitors ...

Visitors, we appreciate your questions, inquires and support to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!

Share your knowledge ...


Cal Branton, President


Larry Sorenson, Treasurer


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary


Jon Bomers, Web Editor


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.


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