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March 2012

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The last meeting of the winter season of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota was held on Friday, March 30, 2012 at the American Legion Post-6501 Portland, Richfield.  Our meeting will resume in the fall ... I look forward to seeing all of you at the flying field!  (Directions)

 At the last meeting ...

Scale Modeler Al Schwartz attended our SFM meeting ... Welcome, Al!

John Antholz presented a beautifully detailed clipped wing Yellow Spitfire 14E in the paint scheme of a 1945 a/c based in Singapore.  3W42 engine, 28 lbs. John added guns, new electronics, retracts.  He re-tapped spinner screws, replaced shoe-glued battery packs, and loosened stiff wheel bushings.  Small washout and clipped wing tips means he will “avoid high-G maneuvers.

Larry Sorenson’s brought his Cermark Alenia Aermacchi MB339 Italian trainer that was upgraded from a RAM 500 turbine to an electric BVM EDF system that in turn, was adapted from a glow-engine ducted fan.  This increased thrust from 12 lbs to 19 lbs, and decreased spool-up time from 12 seconds to much less, and eliminated residual thrust for an improved landings.  Advantage: more thrust, weight (12 lbs) and flight time (5 min) about the same as the turbine but CG doesn’t change during the flight, and thrust can be completely shut down.  Disadvantage: cannot fly full throttle for the entire flight like a turbine.  20 flights. Estimated speed 120 MPH.  But Larry says he has more ducting to do (clean-up).”  Castle HV 160 speed control, two Extreme Power 3F6600 batteries, Functional landing lights, Cermark flashing nav lights.  All-composite kit was “a good starter jet.”  The plane is a test bed for his next project, a Thunderbirds T-38 Talon.

Jon Bomers wanted to share a very short black & white documentary showing how the Mosquito Bomber of WW2 was manufactured from balsa wood and glue, in Australia, in 1944.  The Mosquito is a rarely modeled R/C aircraft who's construction is identical to our building techniques ... just on a little larger scale!

Although there could be debate as to whether the Mosquito is/was the fastest fighter of WWII but for those who have flown a well build R/C version of this aircraft, know it's a great flyer.  A few good plans are out and I hope to see a couple presented to the group in the future.


Richard Steine’s Yellow AT-6 was based on his experience with a previous AT-6 built by someone else, reducing weight from 40 lbs to 33 lbs.  Modifications  included reinforced firewall with 6-oz glass cloth, a single hatch for jacks, switches, air.  Guide tubing was installed for hidden ball driver access to cowl bolts.  Fuji 64 engine was converted to electronic ignition and a shortened prop shaft, but still has “lots of vibration.”  Huge flaps are operated by a single big servo. ProMark paint masks.  He learned that yellow paint cannot be applied over gray primer—must use white primer.  Yellow kit was “Pretty easy to put together".

Scale Wheels & Tires at Fantastic Savings!  Thanks to the SFM and other Scale Modelers from around the world ... we've been serving the R/C community with scale wheels now for over five (5) years now.  Last year we've expanded our offerings through our partnership with DaVinci Machining.   DaVinci, has taken the words "Scale Wheels & Tires"  to a whole new fine art level of Scale R/C Aircraft Scalisum!

For a limited time You Can Save 20% … that’s up to $46.00 savings on a pair of the nicest scale wheels and tires available in the marketplace!  Sale includes all Scale wheels and tires both Standard and Premium.  Discount offer expires 4/31/12. 

Roy Maynard brought only the fuselage of his Comp ARF Canadair Tutor in order to minimize risk of dings to the FliteMetal finish.  "The airplane is headed to Toledo in two weeks"  It's powered by a 160 turbine left over from his ME 163  Komet.  The kit was on sale probably because it had an ugly color scheme.  Roy changed to a color scheme of an aircraft currently in a Toronto air museum.  His friend Tony Paladino who works in the museum, sent Roy over 200 photos with measurements.  Roy learned many tips in working with Flite Metal from Joe Grice, working in Joe’s shop.  Lots of restarts with the help of wife and daughter, panel by panel, sanded.  “Not for people without a lot of patience.”  Access hatch, turbine hatch and nose stall strips fit poorly, requiring body putty and sanding.  Roy added an after-market instrument panel, navigation and landing lights by Details4Scale and scratch-built surface details such as scoops, antennas, defrosters, etc..  Elevator servo wires are inside a ceramic blanket and aluminum heat shield above the turbine.  Installation required fishing a drop line thru the tail, standing on a ladder while the plane has held on its nose. "Where are the photos of that effort! :-)"

Roy quoted, “I prefer paint masks to dry transfer” because colors are more dense, especially white.  Klass Kote white base was followed by Model Master colors—fuel proof paint is not required for turbines.  Roy made his own paint masks from 3-layer blank silk-screen masks from Blick Art Supply.  Smaller dry transfers were made from dimensioned photos sent to ProMark.  This is a “Really good-quality kit” but it's “not museum scale.”

Mike Hansen discussed his new company, TechLazer, a local producer of custom laser cut kits in Ramsey.  He has already cut a wing kit for Roy Carrigan’s P-47.  Works from plans, CAD or PDF files.  Baltic birch ply, plastic, paint masks, vinyl, etc..  Can enlarge or reduce plans.


Winged Stitches Embroidery has a special thru April for R/C clubs.  Chris Strasburg is offering free digitizing of a club logo with an order of 12 shirts or 12 hats.  This eli-minates the set-up fee which can be up to $75.  He also offering 10% off on everything he sells.  He donates raffle prizes to clubs customers!  Checkout his website: or send Chris an Email

Kirk Hall ... that daring young man and his flying machine just wanted to highlight an excellent takeoff with his ultralight.  While many of us feared this machine could be his demise ... it looks as though he's mastered the feel for this Giant Scale Wirebird!  Kirk, all of us wish that all your landings are as smooth as this takeoff!


“Life isn’t a support-system for art.  It’s the other way around.”

... Steven King

To Our International Visitors ...

Thank you for checking into our website from time to time.  We appreciate your desire to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!


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Fly well, fly safely and share your skills

David P. Andersen, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.

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