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Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church


Photos & Meeting Notes Courtesy of Larry Sorenson



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Phil Zuidema, FAAs proposed rule changes.


Phil Zuidema (a commercial UAV pilot) spoke to us about the FAAs proposed rule.  Its important to send feedback to the FAA on the proposal.

Flyers are encouraged to respond, template responses are less likely to have an impact. Here's the AMA's Letter to Congress' Senate and the House Chairman's Feb 6, 2020 ... Check it out!


Phil Schwartz, Romanian IAR-80

Phil Schwartz has rehabilitated his sharp Romanian IAR-80 for another foray into the unknown.

The first two flights revealed unexpected flying characteristics and left the fighter with some damage.

The new wing has slightly larger ailerons which promise a better outcome for a third attempt.  A 120cc twin powers a Biela 26x12 3-blade prop.  Main retracts are from Sierra.  Best of luck on the third flight Phil!


Jon Bomers', Lockheed 8 Sirus

Jon is sharing a picture of his 1/4 Scale Lockheed 8 Sirius.  Made famous by Charles Lindbergh and shortly thereafter sold to a Mexican millionaire to race against Howard Hughes' H-1 in the long distance races of the period.  He won two!


Our next meeting will be on Friday February 28, 2020. 

Ahmed Bassal's, SU-57

Ahmed Bassal has diligently been working on a Sukhoi twin jet, the SU-57.

The first prototype is ready to fly.  To keep the first one simple and light for testing, Ahmed fitted a single Behotec 220 turbine to the tail.

Twin 100s should fly it well.  The Behotec electric retracts are installed.  At 15% scale, its 9 feet long and has a 6 foot span. 35-40 lbs dry weight.  Ahmed started this project in early 2018.  Two years of work has yielded an impressive result!


Chris Launer's Assortment of Dummy Bombs

Chris modeled and 3-D printed the ordnance. They are light weight and also designed to survive multiple drops.  Most are in 1/6 scale.

Standard US 500 lb and British 250 lb bombs were shown.  He also showed a landing light assembly for a scale P47.  He designed and 3-D printed this one as well.


Chris Gruendermann's, Skymaster F-18E

Chris Gruendermann brought a Skymaster F-18E to show.  This 1/8 scale fighter features an Operation Iraqi Freedom color scheme.

It is powered by a Jet Cat P-160 and is ready to fly at 34.5 pounds.

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