The Next Meeting of this building season will be Friday February 23, 2018, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson


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The first meeting of 2018 started at 7 pm with 26 members and guests in attendance.

Cal Branton, also reminded us that the TCRC Auction is on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

SFM Aircraft Secret Revealed: David Andersen is starting to draw plans for a "Boeing F4B".  Scale and further info in future Newsletters! 

I know your diligent webmaster is hoping that David may consider the  "Hawker Demon" a viable tandem drawing effort alongside of the Boeing. 

Larry Sorenson's Great Tip on Axels'

Larry talked about using hardened ejector pins (as used in the injection molding industry) for replacement axles and nose wheel steering pins. 

A sample was passed around.  These have a higher hardness and are stiffer than music wire.  They're very tough and available in 1/64” increments up to one inch.  Precision-sized ejector pins are available in .001” increments up to 1/4 inch.  Metric pins from 1 to 20 mm in 0.1 increments can also work for some inch sizes.  Up to six inch lengths.

Ejector pins come with a head that negates the need for a wheel collar or retaining nut.  Prices are from $2 to $10, most are under $5 each and can be found at  or


Ahmed Bassal & Zach Geragi Offering 3D Printed Parts

Ahmed Bassal and Zach Geragi are offering a variety of 3D printed parts to make radio installations easier.  Receiver mounts, servo mounts, wire and tube organizers and more.

Servo lead connector housings can be used to hold one end of a servo extensions for one-handed wing servo plug-ins.  The material is PLA.  Mounts were shown for Spektrum servos and Graupner receivers. 


Custom sized mounts are also available.  To contact Ahmed or Zach, please email our secretary.


Phil Zuidema's FlightLine RC F8-F Bearcat

Phil Zuidema showed a FlightLine RC F8-F Bearcat from Motion RC. 

This 48” span warbird features a detailed cockpit and electric retractable main gear with working inner gear doors.

Phil held the plane to demonstrate the retracts’ function and also explained the “throttle disarm” feature on his Graupner transmitter.


This aircraft has not been flown yet.

David Andersen New Plans 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza

David Andersen papered the walls with plans for a 1947 quarter scale Beechcraft Bonanza.

Based on plans for a T-34 by Mark Frankel, David omitted the vertical fin and tipped the horizontal stabilizers up to reproduce the classic V-tail.

Changes were made to the cockpit area and cowl.  It is designed for a GT80 twin and Robart retracts.

A finishing Paint Sheme is shown in Color on the plans.  Chris O’Connor will be building the first article. 

We can't wait to see this design in the air!

Check out the Color Sample Build Sheet!

**Remember this is a sample, so clarity is lost with this extreme file size reduction.


Roy Maynard's Glenn Torrance SE5a

Detailed parts for another WW1 fighter were shown by Roy Maynard.  His Glenn Torrance SE5a will be treated to pre-formed rib stitching.  It is available in sheets from

It can be cut to desired widths and applied as an adhesive tape.  Roy will cover the stitching with non-pinked tape made from Solartex by Dynamic Balsa (


Joe Neidermayr's Albatros D5a

Joe Neidermayr displayed an Albatros D5a.  The model has some nice features including sprung landing gear, cockpit details and a dummy engine.  Joe added weathering to the finish of this E-flite ARF.

Construction time was around thirty hours including the scale flying wires.  Span is 53 inches and has a 6.5 pound flying weight.

Power is from a Turnigy 750 kw outrunner on four cells.  While finishing his model Joe found inspiration at where the Albatros has been reproduced in full scale.

Our NEXT Meeting for this building season will be Friday February 23rd

Scale Aircraft For Sale

Contact Seller for Additional Details & Shipping Expense

1/5th Scale Nakajima Ki-27 Type-97 "NATE", Reid Models

Asking $1500

  • 93" wingspan, 3-piece wing - painted

  • Well detailed with raised panel lines, hatches, rivets and weathering


  • New set of Plans ($60)

  • New set of spare Spats ($65)

  • Hitec HS-5645 servos on flight surfaces

  • Newish engine (I believe it is a DLE-55) ( I was told it was new when I bought it.)

  • Built by Lee Watkins (Warbirds & Classics Alliance)

  • Watkins replaced the tailskid with a wire tail wheel after it was broken off at an event.

  • I bought this January 2017 as is for $2000 from the last owner in Alabama

  • Asking $1500

Contact: Scott Anderson:


1/4 Scale LA-7 Kit, Andersen Designs

Asking $1500

  • 96.5" Wingspan, addition details & video (Click Here)

  • Plans

  • Sierra Retracts
  • VicRC Fiberglas Fuselage
  • Micko Cowl & Canopy
  • PCK Wood Parts

Contact Kirk Hall:


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This outstanding system  allows you to search and register for R/C events worldwide.  Event Coordinators/Promoters can accept and administer online pilot registrations, generate sanction documentation.  I encourage ALL of you to continue to spread the word! 

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