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January 2015

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Scale Flyers of Minnesota last meeting was, held on Friday, January 30, 7:00 pm. at; Southtown Baptist Church, 2600 W 82nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55431.

 At the last meeting ...

Brief Bits

  • Happy New Year to all from the Scale Flyers of Minnesota!

  • The meeting was called to order by Cal Branton. There was no old or new business to discuss.

  • All Photos by Scott Anderson.


Meet Our Newsletter Editor

As posted in our November Newsletter, Scott Anderson will be serving as SFM's Newsletter Editor.  He is a master scale modeler, an excellent writer and photographer as well as a frequent contributor to the Twin Cities Radio Controllers newsletter.

During the winter the Scale Flyers of Minnesota hold monthly meetings at the Southtown Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. During these meetings we discuss building, finishing, detailing, documentation and flying techniques unique to scale modeling.


Our SFM Newsletter Editor shares this information in his monthly seasonal newsletters for all to use as a resource and reference for your individual scale projects. Products and techniques discussed in his newsletters are not meant as an endorsement but to allow you to take advantage of these techniques and apply them where you feel they are appropriate. Please feel free to contact David Andersen with questions regarding content here:


Roy Manard brought his partially assembled 1:3.6 scale Heinkel "He 162" Volksjäger.  Although it appears to be almost ARF-like, the fully composite kit was molded by a modeler in Germany and is supplied with minimal instructions.

It is truly a ‘Builder’s Kit’ requiring a lot of experience to assemble and rig for operation.  Fortunately Roy has been communicating with other He 162 builders in Europe and they have been collaborating on the build.

Roy has equipped it with electromagnetic brakes and electric retracts. He says the best part is the cockpit kit that came with the kit is very well detailed. He’s powering it with a Jets Munt Merlin 140 turbine  that has an expected thrust of 31#.

He expects the finished aircraft to weigh about 35-36# so it should be quick.  He plans to paint the He-162 this summer using Klaskote Paints and will be controlling it with his JETI radio system with onboard airspeed telemetry!  This looks like a Toledo 2016 contender!

Ahmed Elbassal showed us his 1/3rd scale Salto H101 17.6' foot span turbine powered sailplane. Ahmed designed the model and built the molds to make the composite fuselage and wings.

Ahmed had molded several wings before he was satisfied with the results as shown here. It will be powered by a King-Tech K-100G turbine

He designed a composite spar so the wings could be plugged in to the fuselage and still be strong. Ahmed demonstrated its strength by sitting is across two chairs and sat on it while bouncing up & down.

The ultimate test was to have SFM Secretary Scott Anderson sit on it without failure!  Ahmed is currently painting the Salto and expects to have it flight ready in early March!

Cal Branton brought his Bates Curtis P-40 Tomahawk IIB (the small mouthed P-40). It is about 20 years old and is accurately painted for the original AVG Flying Tigers.

The full size aircraft had been originally built and sold for use by the RAF but were redirected to Burma for use by the AVG’s Flying Tigers.

The camouflage on the top of the wings had left space for the RAF roundels but they were never painted on.


Instead the Chinese Blue & White Sun roundels were added outboard of those locations on the wing. The landing gear is from Sierra Giant Scale.

The aircraft has been re-engined to a 3W-55i. The cockpit has been nicely detailed as well. We look forward to seeing it fly once warm weather gets here!


Our Next Meeting is Friday February 28th, 2015 ... See you there!

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To Our International Visitors ...

Thank you for checking into our website from time to time.  We appreciate your desire to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!


Cal Branton, President


Brian Crossley, Treasurer


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary


Jon Bomers, Web Editor


Have Fun, Fly safely & Teach others what you've learned!

Scott E. Anderson, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.

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