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January 2013

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February 22, 2013


March 29, 20113

The next meeting of the winter season of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be held on Friday, February 22, 7pm at the American Legion Post-6501 Portland, Richfield.  Come early and dine in the restaurant.  (Meeting Directions)

 At the last meeting ...

Jon Bomers apologizes to all of you for the delay in getting this months Newsletter posted to the internet!

Local News ...

TriValley RC  has not found a new field yet ... but the search continues!!

Tim Johnson described an accidental take-off of his P-38 that was fast taxiing without outer wing panels.  It almost survived the first turn. L


Joe Niedermayr presented his China Model Products highly modified Mosquito.  It was his 3rd attempt at a Mossy.  The first died on takeoff.  The second, was a Hobby King foamy and flew okay but tended to tip stall.

He converted the CMP design to electric and modified the design to make it closer to scale, using photos and Brian Taylor plans.  He added dihedral and 2 degrees of washout (the original had none) by warping the outer panels with hot water and re-sheeting.  He replaced the elevators and rudder with scale versions.  The simple music wire landing gear was replaced with scale gear machined per photos of the full size including Hobby King oleo struts.  And he replaced the too-pointy spinners with the following novel design.

Joe used an oversized Hobby King aluminum spinner as a plug.  A 0.030” clear plastic layer was vacuum-formed over the spinner, then an outer 0.030” layer was pulled over the plug without removing the inner layer.  The inner layer was cut to fit inside the kit backplate’s rim while the outer layer was cut slightly short to rest on the rim of the backplate. The result is a thick and stiff spinner suitable for electric motors.  Very clever.  [This newsletter constitutes public disclosure, thus preventing others from patenting Joe’s method.]

Joe replaced the plastic covering of the Mosquito with silkspan, rattle can primer and latex paint from Fleet Farm for a matt finish.  He used Callie Graphics to provided custom markings, the gloss was removed with steel wool.

The plane weights 13 lbs and has 4 batteries in the removable nose, 2 per motor, which turn (2) 12 x 7,  3-blade counter-rotating props.  No additional ballast was required.  Running about 400-500 watts per motor.  If it flies well, he will be installing a scale cockpit!

Darren Blitzer discussed the danger of distortion, while printing scale plans.  He illustrated with the wing plans of a DC-3 he's currently working on.  Be careful.  One of the best ways to check is to draw a 3" + (plus) sign on the plan before printing.  This will let you see right away the quality of the printer service.

Cal Branton described his wonderful E-Flite Albatross - “really nice kit, but expensive.”   He used an Eflite “32” electric motor and this set-up approx 6 lbs.  Cockpit and guns sold separately - why? 

Roy Maynard passed around a 1/5th scale gun intended for his Ki 45.  The gun was formed of metal on a homemade 3D printer.  The CAD files were scaled up from a 1/6th scale plastic model kit.

Roy also showed the fuselage of a Heinkel's He 162 Volksjäger from an all-composite kit sold only in Europe.  Roy described how he found the kit maker from an online flight video, and the hassle of importing it.  Lesson: to get the lowest import duty, mark the box “Model airplane parts.”

At 1/3.5 scale, the fuselage is longer than the wing. Instructions are in German only.  Electric retracts.  Full cockpit with corrugated sides.  Turbine mounted on top of the wing.  The thrust angle must be parallel to the root incidence angle. The CG is critical; it must balance within 1 cm.  Clamshell composite wing features drooped wingtips called Lipschitz Ears, an expediency to improve lateral stability rather than modifying the tail.

Jon Bomers wanted to let everyone know about a new Scale Aircraft Lighting System designed by Paul Fleming and Jim Lake.  The system can be used complete or individual components.  

The lighting systems uses super-bright LED's and can be incorporated into any size aircraft because it's size and minimum weight value!  Check out the YouTube Video for more details.  Contact: Paul Fleming


Jon Bomers noticed that the outside negative air temperatures brought out the Electric Aircraft to this months SFM meeting!

David Andersen past along this little cartoon ditty for those of us who ponder volts and amps etc, while we set-up our electric flight aircraft.

Quote of the Month ...

“Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."

                              -- Popular Mechanics, 1949


To Our International Visitors ...

Thank you for checking into our website from time to time.  We appreciate your desire to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!


Cal Branton, President

(651) 459-5107

Brian Crossley, Treasurer

(612) 721-4989

D. Andersen, Secretary

(952) 890-9529

Jon Bomers, Web Editor

(651) 343-3407

Fly well, fly safely and share your skills

David P. Andersen, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.

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