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January 2010


Our next meeting of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be in February 26, 2010. Our meeting location is the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the non-smoking restaurant.  (Directions)

At the last meeting ...
Cal Branton reviewed the TriValley field status.  The U of M will be building a wind turbine on the TriValley site as part of a UMORE Park development project.  The club’s lease expires in October 2010.  By then the club must remove all structures including the runways from the site.  The 3V board is looking for a new site.  It invites ideas.  If you know of a potential field, contact Cal Branton or any TriValley board member.

For more details on this new development, see check out UMorePark and click on Concept Master Plan.

Cal Branton also reviewed the AeroWorks P-51 Mustang ARF.  1/5th scale, with a DA 50cc engine.  “Absolutely fantastic.”  Landing gear is installed.  Kit costs $1849.

Jeff Quesenberry described his Yellow Spitfire built by Tom Lazar.  27 lbs., G45 engine w/ 18 x 8-14 Zinger prop.  Detailing done with Bondo.  “Best flying Spit out there…Really nice flying.”

The Scale Flyers Are in Need of a Treasurer!  If Interested ... Contact Cal Branton

John Baligrodzki discussed the Minnesota Scale Classic contest.  This event was started by Bill Cowette as a Scale Masters Qualifier many years ago, and it was the primary reason that the Scale Flyers of Minnesota was formed.  It has continued w/o interruption since then.  It will be held Saturday August 7, 2010 at the SMMAC field in Owatonna -- the largest RC flying field in the state!  It has both a paved runway and lots of smooth grass. Events are Fun Scale, Team Scale and combined Sportsman/Expert.  AMA rules.  Contestants scoring in the top 30% will be invited to attend the 31st US Scale Masters Tournament, September 15-19 in Indiana.  Checkout: US Scale Masters for more information and details.

John is also the director of the Scale Sunday Fly-in.  This event, also started by Bill Cowette, the founder of the Scale Flyers, returns after a several-year hiatus.  $10 entry fee includes lunch and prizes. Sunday June 13 at Sodbusters, a grass field surrounded by soybeans.  Additional information can also be found at Sod Busters R/C. Much thanks to John for organizing these two events.

Also, John Baligrodzki brought his Yellow P-47 almost assembled. “Instructions are vague.”   Lead-balanced fiberglass ailerons on a wood wing-- “hinging was a pain—does not work real well.” G62 engine. John will do cockpit early in the assembly process from a Viking Cockpit Kit ($40).  Sadly Viking is currently out of business, maybe at some time in the future he'll start up again but for now you'll need to seek out other suppliers for your cockpit needs.

John described the car trick for Robart tires - place just the tires in front of the tires of your car.  Park the car on them for a while.  This will flatten them and make them easier to install on the hubs.  They will eventually return to their original shape.

Dick Steine’s modified Top Flight ARC Mustang is 1/5th scale. He used an Aerotech sliding canopy, landing gear, doors and fiberglass nose.  He also added surface detail with additional Aerotech Parts - machine guns, exhaust ports, lights, fairings, trim tabs and oil cooler exhaust as well as air-operated inner gear doors. The tailwheel should fold forward to be scale, complicating the pull-pull cable routing.  Gun Fighter color scheme.  Dick stole the scale pilot off Wayne Siewert’s desk when he was away.  Horse icon on the tail was cut from masking paper and airbrushed on. Very Nice!

Dave Andersen described the procedure for obtaining custom paint masks from Pro Mark, illustrated with a Japanese flag icon for his Mitsubishi Babs.

Pro-Mark Graphics

Joe Niedermayr amazed us with his totally scratch-built Staggerwing Beech. This is his first scratch-built aircraft and his first scale design. 1/8th scale. 48-inch wingspan.  4 ½ lbs before covering.  Electric power.  Joe made his own CAD drawings by scanning and tracing 3-views.  Exact rib and stringer spacing.  Cockpit done from photos.  Complex music wire retracts duplicate original.  No room for lower wing spar in fuselage so the lower wing is supported entirely by flying wires per f/s.  Yellow color scheme from museum photos.  Will paint with latex.  The full-scale a/c is now in Owatonna undergoing restoration and a new color scheme. Joe obtained a swatch of fabric from the f/s to match colors. Joe is asking for advice on covering, seatbelts, door handles and other scale details. 

Kirk Hall showed a Balsa USA Triplane built by Scott Davis.  Scott replaced the Ryobi 31 engine with a First Place 2.4 that is lighter and more powerful.  This necessitated moving the batteries forward to compensate for the lighter engine.  The reduction in weight and increase in power does not increase top speed but it “climbs better.”  17 lbs, scale cockpit.  Lother Richtoffen color scheme.

Cal Branton presented his Meister Scale FW 190A8 purchased at Fond du Lac.  Built by Rich Eggelston of Michigan.  31 lbs, between 1/5th and 1/4th scale. 3W85 engine.  “Tremendous flyer.”  Fly bottom airfoil adds lift at low speed without increasing wing drag and therefore not reducing lateral stability.  Flies at slower scale speed and slow landings.  Checkerboard cowl intended to distinguish FW 190s from P-47s--until P-47s started using checkerboard cowls too.

There was a discussion of a season finale dinner.  Cal will investigate.

“You have to love dancing (substitute flying) to stick to it.  It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on the walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.  It is not for unsteady souls.”

- Merce Cunningham, dancer & choreographer


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