SFM News Letter

January 2006

by: David P. Andersen

See You at Our Next Meeting!

The next meeting of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be Friday, January 27, 2006 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the restaurant. Meetings will be held on the last Friday of every month thru March, but not December. ( Directions )

If there is a "06" after your name on the address label of your newsletter, you are on record as a paid-up member of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota. Thank you & Congratulations!

At Our Last Meeting...


Master Scale Molder Dan Schmidt is moving to Oregon where he will fly with the Proctor guys. His Waco and Albatross are for sale. His email address is Fly-ingdms@usfamily.net

We will miss his company and expertise. Best Wishes from all of us Dan!

John Baligrodzki volunteered to continue being the CD of the Upper Midwest Scale Masters Qualifier. He said he will "keep having it until you start to like it!" ...Applause..." The next Qualifier Event will be a one day event at Anoka County RC. Please consider entering. Competition flying is an adventure unlike any other form of flying. Try it!

The 2006 Scale Masters Championships will be held in Muncie, IN on October 18th thru 22nd.

John Baligrodzki presented his 1/4 scale Fokker D8 built from a Balsa USA kit. To be more scale, John Shorten the nose, lowered the wing and redrew the tail shape. Glen Torrence fabric (not heat shrink) attached with Stix-it and painted with "countless coats of dope". It weighs 14lbs and is powered by a Saito 180. Williams Bros dummy cylinders (they are back in production again) with lots of changes. Removable Struts slide into the fuselage. 

Tim Johnson enlarged a set of Sig Spacewalker plans to 1/2 scale! There was  discussion of the structural issues when enlarging plans on such a large scale. i.e. metal hinges, oak LE for stiffness. Tim performed a test of Popular versus aspen. He found popular be 10% heavier the Aspen but much stronger. A 3W 4 Cylinder engine at 21 HP will be used. Estimated weight of 80lbs with a 17.5 foot wingspan. Further discussion of covering and painting the very large bird followed. Tim also is building a 2/3 Scale Cub.  ...Mr. T.J. Giant Scale...

Wayne Siewert showed a plug for a new Porsche Mooney M120L. (Elongated Fuse)  3/8" balsa planking and a solid balsa nose. Wayne described the mold making process - Formica Board method, 6 coats of wax, 2 coats PVA, 2 more coats of wax. Hatches are aluminum embossed with special tools for screws and rivets. Catalyzed polyester primer (clean your gun before it hardens!)

Rudy Olson presented his completed Ziroli Hellcat (between 1/5 and 1/6 scale) Roundhead rivets on the wing. Tool made from brass tubing and straight bar were used to emboss flush rivets. Wayne Siewert's dummy engine. Water based paint from Hirschfield is difficult to weather - you can't use thinner. Own cockpit details made by blowing up to very large size, redrawing, rub-on numbers and reducing at Kinko's while reversing colors. Scale functional exhaust ports.4lbs of lead in the nose. Made an extra pair of Navigation light covers in case of repair.
Scott Russell brought his P-38 from yellow kit. Its aluminum covered - lots of curves! weights 36 lbs with 14 servos. It has counter rotating props with the right prop being the pusher. Scale Flower Flaps of his own design which move back 3 inches. 4 flap servos synchronized from transmitter. Without flaps it comes in like a missile! Two Brisson 3.2 engines, one of them reversed. Air cylinder doors, 4 battery packs. Retracting the gear moves CG back 1 1/2" Flown at Owatonna Northern Alliance Military Fly-in where it gleamed like a mirror in the sky!


Dave Schwantz pioneered new territory with a Cermark MB 339 ARF ... ON Skies! 20lbs with a JetCat P60 turbine pushing 14lbs of thrust. The P80 does not tolerate FOD screen. Skies trackable but fills with snow so wheel well had to be sealed off. Flown off fluffy snow the following weekend at Tri-Valley.
Dave Schwantz also brought a new sky master F18E ( E = more wing area) Super Hornet ARF built for one of his customers. ARTES Rhino turbines are made in Mexico City. Paul Hopkins Nav lights are very bright clusters of LEDs. 10 gear doors, each with its own cylinder. Low-vis color scheme makes the plane difficult to see in flight. A discussion of turbine service time followed. Simjet is the longest because they have to be returned to Denmark.

Jeff Quesenberry discussed the wing of his 1/4 scale Lavochkin La-7 being built from Dave Andersen's (Grand Poo-bah) plans. He change the wing design from a plug-in to a one piece design and redesigned the wing fillets. Eric Malkerson retracts www.rcmfg.com or www.aerotechmodels.com and Shindinm Custom Struts at www.shindinmachine.com

"One thing about scale is that I don't ever think you come to a place where you think you have reached the ultimate in modeling, there is always something else to do, or try, or the next degree of difficulty" - Dan Schmidt"

Fly well...Fly safely

Mark Prokop, President, mjprokop@aol.com  David P. Andersen, Grand Poo-bah, davidpandersen76@gmail.com