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... don't forget, we always look forward to seeing your wonderful projects.  Please bring'em to the next meeting and share your knowledge and insights! 


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church


Photos & Meeting Notes Courtesy of Steve Meyer



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Meeting was led by Kirk Hall As President Cal Branton was not available.

Also, big Shoutout to Steve Meyer for the notes and photos of the February Meeting!  Scott Anderson was out ill and looks forward to seeing everyone next month.

Don't forget to bring a project next month!

Joe Niedermier's, Custom Retracts for Donier Do-217

Joe exhibited his latest design for his retractable main gear. Originally designed for his Dornier Do217 is could also work for the Mosquito and DC3.

Constructed from a soldered structure of tubing and hinges and powered by a HK retract unit. They look and operate in a scale manner.


Jan Larsen's, Messerschmitt Me-262 Swallow

Jan's wonderful Messerschmitt Me-262 Swallow has a 106” wingspan and is 85” long, weighting in at 35.2 lbs dry.

He purchased a 6 year old prop driven Joe Saietta project from a member of his other club.

Jan gutted it and replaced the elevator 100 in-ounce servo with 400 in-ounce servo.  All digital servos. Powered by (2) Kingtech K-85 turbines fed by a custom built 216 ounce fuel tank should comfortably give a 10 minute flight time.  With a total of 40# of thrust from the engines the 262 should fly in a scale manner.


Brian Crossley's, Freewing A10 Thunderbolt EDF

Brian reviewed and shared his experiences flying the Freewing A10 Thunderbolt. Powered by (2) 6s 6000 mAh batteries.

He reported that the landing gear was a bit springy for his tastes.

Rusty Freeman's, US SpaceForce Interceptor

Rusty Freeman's US SpaceForce Interceptor Turbine Powered has a 85” wingspan with a length of 100”.

He designed the aircraft in AUTO-CAD and decided to 3D print the plug for making a composite fuselage.  Definitely a learning process in 3D Printing.  He had to upgrade to a larger printer and as of this meeting had over 500 hours in creating the plug.

This will be a fully composite model powered by an AMT Pegasus turbine with 36 lbs thrust, which will make the model capable of +200 mph.

Rusty is posting updates of the construction on his Facebook page.


Joe Niedermier's, Junkers Ju-88

Joe also brought his new Junkers Ju-88 electric with a 79-inch wingspan and weighing in at 11 lbs.

He was looking for a new project after finishing his Dornier Do217 so he read about the Junkers Ju-88 “Schnell - Bomber”, or fast bomber.

It was supposed to be faster than the Spitfire.  It was the mainstay of the Luftwaffe that 15,000 were built before the end of the war.

The retractable gear for the Ju-88 is a rotating style similar to the Corsair or P-40. Joe built it with sequencing doors.

The greenhouse canopy and nose were custom molded by Joe.  The model is powered by two electric motors running off (1) 4s 6000mAh battery.  It took an additional 16 ounces of lead in the nose to balance the aircraft ... No flight report yet.

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