The Final Meeting for this building season will be Friday March 29, 2019.


We always to look forward to seeing some of the wonderful projects ... Please bring'em to the next meeting and share your insights! 


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos & Meeting Notes Courtesy of Scott E. Anderson



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The meeting was called to order by our President Calvin Branton after a sharp and humorous anecdote.  This meeting was turbine heavy with (3) scale turbine fighters, an EDF model and a WWII fighter.

David P. Andersen – Source for Larger Hinge Points

David expressed his concern that the largest Robart Hinge Points are too short to be useful for large scale projects.  Dave found that Aircraft International, LLC has 3W Monster Hinges which are larger hinge points that can meet our needs. 

Although they are a bit pricier than Robarts', you might find the larger size easier to work as well as enhanced safety.  10pak $20.0


Roy Maynard's –  Russia SU-27

Although he did not bring in the jet itself, this blue beauty is 126 inches long painted in a Russian blue camouflage scheme.

Power is from a pair of Jet Munts 166N turbines. Roy tells us that everything was painted and no vinyl graphics were used. The SU-27 weighs in near 50# dry.


Roy shared a 3D printed pilots seat and a beautiful instrument panel from .

We expect to hear about the maiden flight later this summer.


Jan Larsen’s - Digital CG/Weight System Update:

Jan introduced us to this brainchild last fall at the November SFM meeting.  He’s since added a digital distance measurement device to help establish the location of your aircraft’s CG.

Here are some details:

  • (3) Load cells (~50lbs max. capacity w/.1 oz. resolution).

  • (1) Microprocessor calculates either Nose + Mains or Tail + Mains aircraft - selectable.

  • Manual distances required (5), nose - LE, nose - MAIN Gear, nose to Front Gear, or Tail Gear, Nose to Balance target, LE to CG

  • Auto distance measuring device (2000 steps per inch) > 1mm resolution

  • Measure distance, press send and distance is update (wireless Bluetooth) to CG system.

 Contact Jan if you have interest in his system!


The Gear Bunker Update – Rick Freeman & Zach

Rick & Zack updated us on a couple of their latest projects.

Meeting the need for robust and very reliable retractable landing gear for large R/C jet models.  The F-16 and Gripen projects were reviewed ...

The F-16 Steerable Nose Gear Fix for the

Fly Eagle Models ¼ scale F-16 Kit.

The Fly-Eagle Models ¼ Scale F-16 has had problems with its hydraulically operated steering system that has led to loss of ground handling when the system has developed leaks.

Zack and Rick had engineered an electromechanical bolt-on replacement that is far more robust and dependable, based on a gear mounted high-torque servo.  They have produced and shipped (4) of these kits for pilots across the US.

Air-World Gripen Main Gear modifications

Rick & Zach brought in Roy Maynard’s Air-World Gripen turbine powered fighter.  The factory main gear and hydraulic power unit was supplied without a down locking mechanism so the gear could collapse if the hydraulics leaked.

Roy contacted the boys from the Gear Bunker to engineer a revision to the gear to ensure a positive down lock.

Roy tells us the Gripen will be powered by (2) Jet-Munts 200N turbines and will have an estimated weight of 44 pounds dry.  Hopefully it will be ready for its maiden flight in the 2020 season!


Our Last meeting of this building season will be Friday March 29th, 2019.  We’ll share a regional event calendar for planning your summer flying events!

Steve Meyer - R/C Field Locator App for your Smartphone

Steve showed us a new phone App for iPhone and Android that locates RC Flying Fields near your location.

The RC Flight Source App is partnered with the AMA allowing you to locate AMA flying fields by your location or by entering a zipcode.

This is just one of the many useful tools that this free App offers ... Check it Out!


Jan Larsen – Skymaster A-10 Warthog X-Treme

Jan introduced us to his latest project, from Skymaster Jets USA. The aircraft is an ARF from Chief Aircraft that can be purchased in one of several paint schemes, or as Gelco  te white for your own finish.

He chose the X-Treme as it was the smaller of the A-10’s (87.8" Wingspan) in the marketplace and would fit in his van.  He tells us that he was disappointed in the delivery as he ordered it in August of 2018 and it was delivered in February of 2019 ... almost two(2) months later than promised.

Jan putting some special features in his A-10 including:

  • Navigation lights top, tail and wings (4 watt bright LEDs)

  • Custom telemetry system that monitors fuel level within +/- 1 ml from 0 to 100% capacity and transmits an alarm at a preset level.

  • Custom wired (navigation, servo, telemetry, turbines) - (6) lipo batteries (turbines x 2, radio x 2, nav, smoke) to offset CG weights (42 oz - 2.625 lbs)

  • A custom smoke system from Jet-Central as a left engine gun simulation and adding an 8 Watt white Laser Flasher to simulate the firing of the main gun!

  • Here are the specifications for his Skymaster Jets USA A-10 Warthog X-Treme:

Here are the specs for his Skymaster A-10 Warthog X-Treme:

  • Scale:  1:7.75

  • 83” frame

  • 88" wing span

  • Dry weight = ~35 lbs.

  • Wet weight = ~44 lbs.

  • Engine twin Jet Central Hornet 85N ~ 20lbs thrust x 2 (183,000 RPM max thrust)

  • Fuel = Kerosene + oil, UAT (4oz) + HEADER (22 oz.) + MAIN (60 oz.) x 2 = 172 oz. ~ 1.34 gallons or 9.15 lbs.

  • Landing gear air, with air brakes on mains – (Supplied ARF).

  • 13 servos - Savox high voltage digital - all servos 170 oz. torque.

Jan is expecting his maiden flight to take place in May.


Roy Maynard - 60 cc F6F Hellcat from Hangar 9

Roy shared his recent acquisition, a Hangar 9 60cc F6F Hellcat ARF.

This is to participate in the Warbirds & Classics events this summer.  Roy says it took less than 2 weeks of evenings to assemble and set-up.

He’s powering it with a DA-50 cc gasser.

The landing gear is Robart Model 150 rotation 100 degree pneumatic retracts.  He’s decorated it with vinyl graphics from Callie Graphix and has a ‘Best Pilots” from Lyle Vasser in the cockpit.


Cal Branton - F-16 Thunderbird EDF from Tower Hobbies

Cal brought in his F-16 that had just been delivered from Tower Hobbies.  He tells us that up to a dozen members of the SMMAC club are planning to fly these together this summer.

The performance with a 4S battery is outstanding so we expect to get many interesting stories this summer!


Jon Bomers - SFM's Gift of Knowledge

Although the SFM club was created several years prior to 2004, it's members knowledge and passion was only shared with 4 or 5 dozen above average Minnesotans.

Since 2004 the Scale Flyers of Minnesota have posted a Monthly (builders season) Newsletters on the internet.

In those 15 years you've inspired modelers around-the-world to hone there skills as they share your ideas with others.  All past and current members are responsible for the growth of readership and visitations to this website and I just wanted to say ... Thank you!

There's another generation who needs a reason to put  their cell phones or electronic screens down.  I encourage each of you to continue to share your acquired knowledge and skills and let your Scale Aircraft Passions inspire numerous individuals who you may never meet.  If you knew you inspired 100's maybe 1,000's would that news go to your head? ... probably not - after all, you're above average Minnesotans!

R/CFlightDeck is the world's only, Worldwide R/C Event Calendar & Registration system!

This outstanding system  allows you to search and register for R/C events worldwide.  Event Coordinators/Promoters can accept and administer online pilot registrations, generate sanction documentation.  I encourage ALL of you to continue to spread the word! 

To All of Our Worldwide Visitors ...

We appreciate your questions, inquires and support to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!

Share your knowledge ...


Cal Branton, President


Larry Sorenson, Treasurer


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary


Jon Bomers, Web Editor


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