The Final Meeting for this building season will be Friday March 23, 2018, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church


Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson


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A recent snow storm kept a few of our members from attending our February SFM gathering, but President Calvin Branton convened the meeting at 7:02 PM with 26 members in attendance.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our March 23rd meeting!

Roy Maynard's Chinese J-10 (Jian 10 or Fighter 10)

Roy Maynard showed his newly painted Chinese J-10 (Jian 10 or Fighter 10) known in the west as the "Vigorous Dragon". The model is exceptionally light, 23lbs as shown and is expected to be about 28lbs after the completion of the turbine installation and tech support systems.

Ah El-Basal did build the functional thrust vectoring system. Roy decided against the civilian airshow colors for a more conventional Chinese military paint scheme.

The graphics including Roy's mythical Vigorous Dragon on the tail were created by Cali Grafix to give it more of a warbird feel. Roy is planning to campaign it as a stand-off scale warbird for the 2018 Warbird & Classics events this summer.


Joe Niedermayr's Pilot Figures

Joe Niedermayr showed examples of unpainted and well painted pilot figures.

Donít forget that Scale Pilot Figures are an important part of any scale RC aircraft.  In many competitions, they are required, and showing up with a plane that has an empty cockpit will cost you points!


The final Meeting for this building season will be Friday March 23rd!

Rusty Freeman's Proctor Nieuport 28

Rusty Freeman brought his Proctor Nieuport 28 that he is looking to fly in the 2018 season. He commented that the level of pre-engineering and thought in the Proctor kits are a work of art.

Rusty has spent weeks creating a realistic cockpit with a woven wooden pilots seat and handmade brass throttle quadrant. He's looking for a 40cc multi-cylinder 4-stroke just cause he loves the sound!

David Andersen is also caught sneaking some reconnaissance on Rusty's Proctor ... possibly to glean a new design technique?
David Andersen's Article

David Andersen has written another great article discussing "The Mode 1 Transmitter, New for 3D or Old Fashioned?"

It's an insightful article that reviews the advantages and disadvantage of both Mode 1 and Mode 2 set-ups.  Could be incorporated into Scale Flying as well or at least drive some coffee discussion over the topic!  Read More...


Ahmed Bassal's Added 3d Printed Receiver Device

Ahmed Bassal added a new item to his line up of 3d printed custom mounts!  The photos below highlight a receiver carrier that is held into an aircraft with just two screws.  Nice!

Scale Aircraft For Sale

Contact Seller for Additional Details & Shipping Expense

1/5th Scale Nakajima Ki-27 Type-97 "NATE", Reid Models

Asking $1500

  • 93" wingspan, 3-piece wing - painted

  • Well detailed with raised panel lines, hatches, rivets and weathering


  • New set of Plans ($60)

  • New set of spare Spats ($65)

  • Hitec HS-5645 servos on flight surfaces

  • Newish engine (I believe it is a DLE-55) ( I was told it was new when I bought it.)

  • Built by Lee Watkins (Warbirds & Classics Alliance)

  • Watkins replaced the tailskid with a wire tail wheel after it was broken off at an event.

  • I bought this January 2017 as is for $2000 from the last owner in Alabama

  • Asking $1500

Contact: Scott Anderson:


1/4 Scale LA-7 Kit, Andersen Designs

Asking $1200 (Reduced Price)

  • 96.5" Wingspan, addition details & video (Click Here)

  • Plans

  • Sierra Retracts
  • VicRC Fiberglas Fuselage
  • Micko Cowl & Canopy
  • PCK Wood Parts

Contact Kirk Hall:


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This outstanding system  allows you to search and register for R/C events worldwide.  Event Coordinators/Promoters can accept and administer online pilot registrations, generate sanction documentation.  I encourage ALL of you to continue to spread the word! 

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