Our February meeting started promptly at 7:00 with Scott Anderson substituting for Cal Branton as Cal was attending another SFM Member's viewing and celebration of life.

Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson

Last meeting of this building season will be Friday March 31st - 2017, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


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The Twin Cities had just missed getting 6 to 14 inches of snow dumped on it by barely 20 miles.  In any case, the roads were clear and there was not a flake of snow to be seen in Bloomington, MN.

Further south, in Waseca, Phil Schwartz had 16" of fresh snow to wade through to get to the meeting.

Our LAST meeting for this building season is Friday March 31st

Jeff Quesenbury's (David P. Andersen) 1/4 Scale Hawker Hurricane Prototype Build

Jeff started the build on October 1st, 2016.

He's has made terrific progress in spite of the holidays and spending most of January in North Carolina.

He has finished the structure on the fuselage, wings and tail and has begun to glass the wings with Envirotex epoxy and glass cloth.  Jeff's added stringers to the rear of the fuse so it is ready for Solertex fabric covering.

Jeff had a 3D Printed aerial but he found it to be brittle and he inadvertently snapped of the mounting tab, so he replaced it with a more durable wood/metal combo.

Jeff tells us that he changed the fillets around the vertical fin and the stabilizer to thin plywood over forms to keep the weight down.  There were still more blocks to carve and Jeff showed us an easy way to sand inside curves using sanding drums from Menard's (building supply) that cost about $5 a set and give several radius to work from.

The next step is to figure out what he's going to use for a fuel tank. The Quadra 105 cc inline twin he is looking to use was originally built by Tony Saventini around 1984 and recently converted by CH Ignition.

Jeff's plan is to use a 24 x 10 3 blade prop when it's time to fly it. 

He says it WILL be finished and flying in time for the Northern Alliance Military Fly-In Owatonna this summer to fly side by side with Roy Maynard's electric version of the Hurricane.


Duane Dahnert's Scratch Built 1922 Bellanca CF

Duane displayed his scratch built 1922 Bellanca CF R/C model.  He created his own plans from older Smithsonian drawings and photos.


He built the dummy engine from two rows of 5 cylinders built from William's brothers kits. He had a problem as the exhaust was not quite right so he picked up a box of elbow macaroni and they looked just about right!

It took half the box to find enough that looked right. He glued them to the cylinders and Duane tells us they took paint well and look good!  He created the spinner from an Easter egg!

The total weight is 4.25lbs giving a rough wing loading of 17 ounces/sq-ft!  We'll look forward to a flight report once the weather gets to be more spring-like!

Dan Schmidt's Scratched 1934 Short Scion S-16 Airliner

Dan has drawn his own plans for an electric Short Scion S16 airliner twin engine model.

Short Scion S-16 is a 5 passenger,1 pilot, airliner built in 1934 by the Short brothers of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  It was powered by two 90hp Pobjoy "Niagara" 7 cylinder engines which are a gear driven engine which puts the prop centerline above the engine centerline.  All tube and fabric construction.  Only 22 of them were ever built between 1934 and 1937.

The model was built from plans found on outerzone.co.uk and enlarged from 40 " wingspan up to 62".  It is all built up construction and powered by two Firepower 480 Outrunners from Heads Up RC with a 3C 5000mah single battery for power.  Motor battery is accessible through the functional cabin door and the radio battery is accessible through the removable nose which is held on by neodymium magnets.

It is covered in Ultracote and weighs in at about 4 1/2 lbs.  The outer wing panels are removable for transportation in about 10 seconds each. The registration VH-UTV is from Australia.

One thing that is important to consider on scale electric models is how to get to the battery easily in the field.  Dan has made it easy to change batteries through the passenger doorway.  We'll look forward to a flight report once the weather gets to be more spring-like!


Ah Bassal's J-10 3D Prototype Jet

Ah displayed his first J10 prototype that he had sold to Roy Maynard.  This airframe has German gear (stiff but heavy).

Roy tells us it will be painted as a camouflaged Chinese Defensive fighter.  Ah Bassal has built and shipped 7 others using very light weight composites to customers overseas looking for the thrill of 3D Flight in a scale Turbine powered model!

Zach Geragi's MD F4 Phantom

Zach displayed his model of a McDonald Douglas F4 Phantom EDF model.  It looked great and should penetrate the air like an arrow. It's powered by a 6 cell 5000mAh LIPO.

It should be at SMMAC Field in time for WATTS over Owatonna Event.


Our LAST Meeting for this building season is Friday March 31st

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