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February 2011

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The next meeting of the season of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be held on Friday, March 25th, 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield.  (Directions)

Group Photo by: Kirk Hall  

At the last meeting ...

Dave Andersen announced that our website editor Jon Bomers,  really needs your help!   Every month several emails are received regarding our website from around the world with a mention about the wonderful planes that we build and fly!

On our Home Page are 3 photos which are updated monthly if possible to include "Non-Meeting Photos" from your flying fields or photos you've taken at events you've attended.  Please, take five minutes from time to time to forward one or more of your favorite photos of yourself or others members at the flying field to our web editor.

Dave Andersen also mentioned that Warner Krantz from PropWash Video’s unknowingly is a bigger Scale Flyers fan than even he realized.  His 2010 Warbirds Over The Rockies video, features five(5) Scale Flyers of Minnesota in six(6) of his clips - Kirk Hall, with his Fokker Triplane - John Antholz, with his Focke Wulf 190 & his Sopwith Pup - Cal Branton,  with his Spad 13  - Jeff Quesenberry, with his Seafury and Tim Johnson. with his B29.  These up-close interviews and flights represent 25-30% of the entire DVD's interviews and highlights.  Well done, guys!  Jon Bomers also ran into Warner at the Northwest Hobby Expo, February 11th thru the 13th and took this photo of Warner in his booth.  Warner sends his warm regards to all of us and looks forward to seeing us at this years event.  Make sure to enlarge this photo and checkout Warner's head gear!

Finally and sadly, David also announced that he has resigned, for liability reasons, from being a Certified Inspector in the AMA Large Model Aircraft ProgramDave Schwantz remains the only LMA Inspector in our area.

John Baligrodzki announced that he will again be the CD of the upcoming Scale Sunday, May 22nd at Sodbusters.  The entry fee is only $10 and includes a wonderful lunch ... You don't want to miss this one! 

Also, John will CD our Scale Masters qualifier, The Minnesota Scale Classic, which will be held at Owatonna on Saturday August 6.

Kirk Hall presented his Jerry Bates Hellcat.  1/6h scale, 80” span, 26 lbs, 3W50, Sierra mains.  Built by a modeler in Tennessee but modified by Kirk, e.g., added servo for more rudder throw, replaced hinges.  Scale Frieze ailerons.  Open cowl flaps for cooling.  Cowl held on with rare-earth magnets—pull hard to remove. Excellently weathered RAF color scheme.

Dave Andersen pontificated on his quarter-scale Mitsubishi Babs - 120-inch span, 30 lbs. 37 windows.  DA 100 power gives enough thrust for unlimited vertical that allows vertical maneuvers to be entered at low speed.  Hence the Power Paradox: slower speed requires higher power.  He explained how the 14oz ball-bearing wheel-chair wheels tend to resist bounce and provide straight ground tracking.  Spangenberg aileron linkages have no pushrods.  Fiberglass parts made by Jeff Micko.  This plane won Best of Show at last year’s Northern Alliance Fly-In at Owatonna. Free plans and video are available elsewhere on this web site.

Steve Hefty’s Yellow Spitfire  took “17 years, two wives and 2 or 3 moves” to complete.  Built from a Chinese kit having a fiberglass fuselage and foam wings.

Jerry Nelson water-borne polyurethane paint—no smell, overspray resolves to dust, but must be applied in layers.  Revolution 51 engine made in Canada was originally intended for P51 has long shaft, rear carb, rear exhaust but tends to vapor lock.  So Steve added a cooling tube for the carb.  Solo Pitch Adjustable Propellers.  Getz stencils are keyed with registration marks for alignment.  Klass Kote paint was used.

Jeff Micko’s partially completed Hellcat was built from drawings at a Russian web site, Уголок неба.  Three years’ work so far.  ZDZ 80.  Hoping for 35 lbs. Sort-of Fowler flaps.  Warbird colors.  Clear coat for uniform sheen.  Robart retractable tailwheel.  Scale downthrust.  Belly pan is attached with a spring-loaded shaft and rare-earth magnets.  Separate f/g wingtips.  Approximately 1/5th scale, 95” span, parts interchangeable with Ziroli version.  All glass, even the control surfaces.  Fuselage features unique overlapped panel joints and pop rivets.  Jeff described how he implemented the panel lines with Red Devil filler and aluminum duck tape.

Darren Bitzer’s P-40 is a prototype for a kit he will be producing. It is a 1/ 4.8 Scale Fiberglass Composite fuselage, and wing w/ aluminum spar; Sierra mains, Robart tail-wheel, DLE 55 engine and Ziroli spinner.  It should be around 30lbs. flying weight. Wingspan is 93.25 inches. Darren showed how he made a scale bellypan plug made from pink foam.  J-TEC functional exhausts require a custom manifold.  Darren’s kits are at Axis and Allies RC Aircraft.

Pete Stapelton described an app for the Garmin GPS and Google Earth that displays the location of RC flying sites.  The files can be obtained from Pete at

FAA Regulations there was a brief discussion of pending FAA regulations that might affect model aviation.  There is a form letter on the AMA web site that can be sent to Congressional representatives.  See

Fly RC Magazine highlighted a few SFM members workmanship in their May 2011 issue, in an article on the 2010 Warbirds & Classics over the MidwestDave Kobilka's 33% Waco YMF 7, Shane Laogue's marvelous de Havilland DH-1 & his beautiful Grumman OV-1B Mohawk and well as Dave Szabo's excellent 102" Bearcat done up in the Blue Angeles paint scheme were featured.

  SFM Equipment Specials!

Beachwood Propellers

35% Extra 330 ARF $450.00

Bob Bailey has some beautiful propellers that are produced with high precision from hand-selected German Beachwood.  The production process ensures consistency and a high-quality propeller with profiles and shapes that produce excellent torque and quite operation for both Warbirds and Acrobatic aircraft.

I placed a Menz Ultra 26X10 (only Menz in the shop) next to a 30X12 I purchased from Bob to give you an idea of the similar shape and quality of Bob's Propellers to the Menz - But offered at a significant savings to you!

The propeller availability and pricing are limited so don't hesitate to call or email Bob to get yours.  Shipping and Handling is $12, within the 48 Contiguous States and if you purchase a few - asked about bundled shipping.  Email:   Phone: (253) 579-4068

Bob Bailey also has a Extra 330 ARF designed by a TOC winner, this hand assembled, beautiful red, white and blue Extra 330 will perform perfectly in 3D or IMAC competition maneuvers.  Roy Carrigan, purchased one of these for his 3W-120 in December and could speak to the quality of construction and the covering of this Extra 330 ARF.

This isn’t an ordinary ARF!  This Extra is Pre-Built - by hand with a high strength/low weight ratio, just like you’d do in your shop.  Additional features like fully adjustable engine box, removable stab and lighter longer wing tubes are just a few the nuances that give this Extra 330 the performance for competition and the forgiveness of an great everyday flyer. 

Shipping to Minnesota: Greyhound: $80, FedEx Ground: $150

Available Props

18 X 10 $15.00
22 X 10 $20.00
26 X 10 $30.00
26 X 12 $30.00
28 X 10 $40.00
30 X 12 $50.00
32 X 12 $70.00

Extra Specifications

Wing Span:  106"
Length:  88"
Wing Area:  1554 sq in
Weight:  24-26lbs
Engine:  100cc
Servos Min:  8

“Thinking is the hardest work there is.”

                       - Henry Ford

To Our International Visitors ...

Thank you for checking into our website from time to time.  We appreciate your desire to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!


Cal Branton, President

(651) 459-5107

Brian Crossley, Treasurer

(612) 721-4989

D. Andersen, Secretary

(952) 890-9529

Jon Bomers, Web Editor

(651) 343-3407

Fly well, fly safely and share your skills

David P. Andersen, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.


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