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February 2010


Our next meeting of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be in March 26, 2010. Our meeting location is the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the non-smoking restaurant.  (Directions)

At the last meeting ...
Dave Andersen mumbled something about his techniques for glassing, wet sanding, rib stitching, masking with 3M Fineline tape, using a hole punch to make masking tape for window corners, priming with a mini roller and prep for panel lines and other surface details, illustrated with the fuselage of his quarter-scale Mitsubishi Babs. Derek Micko discussed how he designed two electric scale airplanes using TurboCAD ($69) and AutoCAD.  His 30” all wood built-up Rata is being sold as a kit by Manzano Laser Works, you can also download his excellent construction manual.  His 60” fun-scale Hurricane is also being developed as a kit. Open framework and retracts is still less than 4 lbs.  Derek showed a laptop video of his electric Hurricane in Arizona skies. Click here ... to see build thread at RCGroups.
As the flying seasons starts, please consider taking and/or forwarding photographs of club members, club members projects, candid flying field shots as well as action/random photos of you and other members at the field or events to our webmaster. thank you!

Chris O’Connor showed his framed-up Mark Frankel ¼ scale T-34 Mentor from Model Specialties. This 100” wingspan bird uses a Zenoah GT-80 engine. Custom retracts from Robart have scale struts.  Foam wing were beautifully sheeted by Chris.  The Fowler-Flap mechanism is also by Robart.  Glass fuselage is plain so Chris must do the panel lines and rivets.   Nav lights and rotating beacon will be functional.  Cockpit kit by Dynamic Balsa.  Frank Markel is very helpful, Chris reports.  He “answers every question", feel free to email or call.

Roy Maynard displayed his almost completed quarter-scale Lavochkin La 7 built from David Andersen plans, Eric Malkerson retracts, cowl and canopy from Micko Aircraft & Accessories.  Order of the Red Banner custom dry transfer graphics by Pro Mark.  Saito 4.5 four-stroke 3-cylinder glow engine will use Sonic Tronics electronic glow driver that time-division multiplexes current to the cylinders, thus allowing for unequal electrical resistances. 50 oz. glow fuel tank—will that be enough?  Center section of wing is permanently attached but a large, scale hatch underneath allows access to radio stuff inside.  Oil cooler is removable (and breakaway in the event of a wheels-up landing), allowing access to rudder and elevator servos.  Completion is expected in time for Toledo RC Show.

Joe Grice showed the beginning of a 1/(4.5) scale Messerschmidt ME 262C1 Heimatschutzer (Homeland Defender) of which only 4 were built.  The C1 version was designed for interception so a rocket motor was installed in the tail to boost climb rate.  Joe will install one turbine engine in the fuselage and duct its exhaust out the rocket motor space. Air inlets will be in the wings.  This leaves the engine pods empty but more scale because Joe added scale inlets and exits.  A single turbine is more reliable than two turbines because “turbines are more reliable in medium to large sizes.” The aircraft kit is from Grumania Jets in Germany and has 103” wingspan, which will be imported by Vogelsang Aeroscale.  It's an all-glass kit includes surface detail molded in. Wabo tricycle gear from Germany has has oil dampening which Joe demonstrated.  When compressed, it returns slowly for less bounce.

Joe also demonstrated a scratch-built MK 82 hi-drag bomb as designed and built by Joe with the help of a partner.  Fabrication included injection molding.
Scott Russell designed and scratch-built a small electric X-29 canard, starting with three-views and a plastic model. It is a prototype for a much larger version that will have a fuselage length of 110 inches, powered by a turbine.  Meanwhile, the smaller version provided Scott with parameters such as CG, control surface throws and insight into its flying properties.  For example, Scott discovered that the X-29 model can fly at 60-degree attitude. Very Creative!

Scott also demonstrated a flexible LED strip, connected to the throttle, for lighting up the tailcone of a jet to emulate the glare of an afterburner.  The LED light strips, available from Hansen Hobbies, cost $20 including a lithium battery.

“Too much time, too much effort, but it sure is neat”

-Joe Grice

Roy Carrigan presented his Yellow P-47 purchased at RCUniverse.  Color scheme had cream and blue invasion stripes (what was the builder thinking!), so he repainted the entire airplane.  He upgraded to Eric Malkerson wheels, Aerotech dummy radial engine and cockpit.

In order to not cut away the dummy radial engine, Roy machined a new stainless steel hub for the G62 engine.  This left the dummy engine totally scale.  Very clever!

Do you know your scales?



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