SFM News Letter

February 2008

by: David P. Andersen

The next meeting of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be Friday, February 29, 2008 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Please note that SFM meetings are always held on the last Friday of the month, not necessarily the 4th  Friday. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the non-smoking restaurant.  (Directions)

At the last meeting ...

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Phil Schwartz presented a Ziroli Panther that he purchased in Philadelphia.  He also showed a Ziroli Hellcat purchased in bare glass at Toledo, then painted by Jeff Quesenberry. Jeff now owns the Hellcat.  The aircraft came with a construction video, Q100, Glennis wheels, Tianno dummy engine and weights 37 lbs. Built-up wood construction using Precision Cut Kits parts.  Modeled after a plane his dad’s friend flew.

Cal Branton displayed a Tigercat AFR by KMP.  All composite, 88” span, 3-piece wing.  A “good value” and “very good overall.” However, the landing gear was weak, wobbly, placed too far forward and “absolutely worthless.”  So Cal replaced it with Sierra Precision gear that cost more than the kit. Cal Branton told a story of another B-36 model at 3M field.  He also reported on the declining health of master scale modeler Jess Larsen.

Take a quick trip to visit our friends across the pond. Just click the logo to go!

Dick Steine’s PICA Spitfire in primer was 1/5th scale, 88” span.  Original builder unknown but rebuilt by Dick.  Center section of wing redone to fit fuselage, replaced SpringAir music wire gear with Eric Malkerson retracts and Robart struts. He added vacuum-formed cannon blisters and fairings to wing fillets.  Replaced engine mounts to accommodate Brisson 3.2 (50 cc) engine.

Mike Roehrig discussed using Unigraphics CAD to design a 114” span B-36.  He showed an isometric elevation drawing.  Six(6) electric motors will power 12-14 lb a/c built from balsa and C/F tubing.  MotoCalc software was used to design the motor/battery system. MotoCalc electric flight performance prediction software.

Wayne Siewert displayed a 1/4-scale headset on a Harry Potter doll.  Headset is available in any scale from Aerotech Models.  There adjustable and very realistic.

Dave Schwantz showed a 1/5th scale AirWorld Panther he built for Cal Branton. JetCat turbine, AirWorld brakes, Imron aluminum paint, 5 air valves, special Weatronics Receiver, air-operated tailhook, single stainless steel tailpipe.  Nose gear servo built into retract (no cables).  1-gal tank sufficient for 12-14 minute flight.  Modeled after the last flying Panther.

Dave Andersen showed how to make cockpit clutter—cigarette pack, Kleenex box, paper towels, oilcan etc. using a PC.  He also discussed his rib stitching technique using white glue applied with an aluminum tube.  And using rivet tape from Scale RC Products.

Thanks for making the 2nd Annual Scale Flyers MN Big Birds, IMAA Chapter 46 Dinner a Success!

Photo's of the Month!

Dave Sazbo Faulkwolf

Northern Alliance Fly-in

Jeff Quesenberry's

Hellcat - Thanks Phil!

Cal Branton's Dauntless

Warbirds Over Denver

Adam Bomers getting

ready for Check-Ride

Raffle prizes were an Accupoint Laser Incidence Meter and a $50 gift certificate from Sky Hobby.

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David Andersen's Focke Wulf TA 152H


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“NASA is facing the same thing all scale organizations around the world are facing.  Declining participation.  At this year’s (2007) Nationals, we had 48 competitors, the Scale Masters this year had 42 total.  I’m hearing the same thing from South Africa and other countries also.  Most of the reasons are ARFs, ARFs, and more ARFs.”

— Stan Alexander, President, National Association of Scale Modelers

Meeting photos by Dave Andersen & Kirk Hal


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