SFM News Letter February 2007

by: David P. Andersen

See You at Our Next Meeting!

The next meeting of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be Friday, February 23, 2007 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the restaurant. Meetings will be held on the last Friday of every month thru March. ( Directions )


On January 20, 2007 commemorated our first gathering of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota, Minn Big Birds & So. Minn Model Aircraft clubs.  If you were unable to attend you missed some outstanding food, a superb atmosphere and most of all ... great company.  All of us want to extend a big Thanks to Tom Steinmuller & Cheryl, Karen Clark and Cal Branton for organizing the activity and making it happen.  Don't miss it next year! We'll be doing it again ...

  Remembrance ...

Bruce Anthony (1919-February 7, 2007) was a championship pattern flyer in the early 60s.  His original design pattern ship, named SheItHe because he claimed he was not sure of its gender, placed or won national contests in the heyday of Pattern. About that time, scale RC airplanes appeared and were flown just like pattern ships—full throttle, snappy and fast.  But Bruce had a better idea. He was one of the first to use the early proportional radios to develop a new flying style for scale models—maneuvers appropriate to the type, more realistic speed, the judicious use of throttle, and cross-coordination of all controls.  His ubiquitous Fly-Baby and Waco became his classroom to teach these scale flying techniques. And many of us were his pupils.  “This plane has a big honkin’ 60,” he would say.  “All that power is too much in level flight. Throttle back.”  When turning final, he would coach, “Begin the turn early and let the wind drift it into position.  It looks smoother that way.”   And “Use the throttle, not the elevator, to control glide slope.”

He started service awards and recognition trophies to reward accomplishments by his fellow flyers. The Walt Billet Award trophy now resides in the AMA museum in Muncie.  Active modeler to the very end, historian, club officer, writer, mentor, craftsman, innovator, competitor, flight instructor and good friend, we scale modelers are his beneficiaries.  

At Our Last Meeting...

Cal Branton showed his Fokker DVII which is the prototype of the Glen Torrence kit.  7 yrs old. Described by Frank Tiano as “the most ugliest a/c at Top Gun.” Laser 200 2-cylinder engine requires separate tank for each cylinder.  Spectacular cockpit detail.

Also, Cal Branton brought a Hawker Hurricane built from a David Boddington kit in England. 30 lbs, 88” span. Rebuilt after a flipover at Owatonna, changed hands several times.  Jim Jacobsen rebuilt fuselage w/o plans.  Dave Szabo repainted it again and upgraded from G38 to G45.  Indian colour scheme weathered w/ Model Master and artists pastels from Dick Blick.  Vinyl lettering. Now owned once again by Cal.

Brian Crossley demonstrated how to construct an airplane stand from PVC pipe.  Drilling out the T-sections means fewer parts.

 “You always need some duck tape on everything.” Instructions are available from Brian.  He will also drill out T-sections for you.  Thanks Brian.

Dave Andersen gave "Part One" of a slide show discussion on designing scale airplanes. A very informative discussion providing insight to thoughts that many of us who modify or develop scale plans don't always think about! The obscure math was a snore.

Wayne Siewert described progresses on the new Mooney.  Second prototype started after test flights of the first.   There was a discussion of ignition module placement and Hall effect sensors.

Tim Johnson gave away some Southern Minnesota Model Aircraft Club T-shirts.  Thanks, Tim

Roy Maynards JU-52

 ... Notam ...

All types of scale aircraft are welcome and sought at Scale Flyers meetings— big, small, sophisticated or simple, ARFs and old beaters, even non-RC.  Projects by newcomers are especially welcome because beginners often have fresh insight that old hands overlook.  Bring your project and tell us what worked and what didn’t and how you solved the problems. Found a new tool or process?  Tell us about it. We all have something useful to share.  Too shy to talk?  Just bring a plane for display.


“Flying takes one’s full attention, and that’s restful in an odd kind of way...not unlike meditation.”

                        —Episcopal Bishop Katherine Schori



Cal Branton, President, BRANTONCFB@msn.com - 651 459-5107

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See you at our next Meeting!