SFM News Letter

February 2006

by: David P. Andersen

See You at Our Next Meeting!

The next meeting of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be Friday, February 24, 2006 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post, 6501 Portland, Richfield. East entrance, downstairs. Guests are always welcome. Come early and dine in the restaurant. Meetings will be held on the last Friday of every month thru March, but not December. ( Directions )

If there is a "06" after your name on the address label of your newsletter, you are on record as a paid-up member of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota. Thank you & Congratulations!

Much thanks to Mark Prokop for his excellent service as our President


Mark Prokop has resigned from the presidency of the Scale Flyers because of business and family time commitments but he will continue as treasurer. We will have an election for a new president at the next meeting

Cal Branton has offered his services.

At Our Last Meeting...

Cal Branton brought a Focke Wulf 190 A8 built from an SIS-T (German) kit imported by DJ Aerotech.  26 lbs, >1/5th scale, 83” span.  Kevlar spinner provided. Carbon fiber and gel coat construction.  G42 recommended but Cal installed a G62 with a cooling fan.  Tailwheel retracts straight up.  Rudder removes for access to t/w.  Switches etc under cannon access hatch.  Warbird Colors www.warbirdcolors.com  water based paint is very light but expensive.  Tends to chip.  Blue Box pilot.  “One of the better kits I have ever built. Everything fits perfectly.”  60 hours build time.

Dave Szabo also brought a Focke Wulf 190 A8.  He gave a history of the plane and its pilot.  Model is a Meister kit.  102” span, 30 lbs, fiberglass flaps, 100 flights, fixed t/w.  Sierra Precision spinner and landing gear with Glennis wheels.  3W75 engine.  Built by Gary Hack in Michigan. Drop tank for static display only, attached with a cabinet latch.  Non-scale flat-bottom wing enlarged at root to enclose l/g.  Sherwin Williams latex paint w/ polyurethane clear


Wayne Siewert continued the saga of the new Porsche Mooney. He described the plug-to-mold-to-fuselage process.  This included a two-part mold. Step and firewall were added to the plug after the cowl mold was removed from the plug.  Very large scale removable belly pan for modular cockpit held with only two catches.  Wing supports inside the fuselage are removable for insertion/removal of cockpit module. Clever.  Windscreen and windows were cut out and used to make molds for vacuum forming.  Extra layers of glass in hatch and door area.  Scale landing gear by Eric Malkerson.  Stay tuned for the next step.

Editorial: The Napsterization of Giant Scale

The music recording industry almost died because it could not defend itself from internet piracy.  The movie industry may be next.  The same could happen to giant scale.

For 30 cents per square foot, your local print shop can scan, say, a Ziroli plan and write the PDF file onto a CD ROM.  With a click of a mouse, this file can be sent to anyone in the world at no cost.  The recipient can then print the plan at any print shop and most Kinko’s at a cost of less of than half of Nick’s price.  And it’s only going to get cheaper.

This phenomenon was a major cause of RCM going out of business. If it happens on a large scale, the entire scale plan industry will die.

Don’t let it happen.  Protect your hobby--don’t download bootleg plans!

Tim Johnson showed the aileron of a 2/3rd scale J3 Cub currently under construction.  The Cub will have a 19’ span and weigh 90-100 lbs. JPX ultra light motor,  Stits covering.  Rib stitching sewn per f/s. Three 8611 servos for a total of 990 in-oz torque per aileron.  “It will have its stress analysis on its first flight.”

NATS winner Zach Spychalla at Owatonna Northern Alliance Fly

Ray Grabowsky's quarter scale Ziroli Ercoupe at 3V

Chris O'Connars Extra 300 in flight at TCRC

Wonder why we have safety fences? Plane & People unhurt

Gene Hallaway dropped bombs on his own runway... Oops

"Don't fly an airplane you are still in love with..."

...Dave Platt

Fly well...Fly safely

Mark Prokop, Treasurer, mjprokop@aol.com  David P. Andersen, Grand Poo-bah, davidpandersen76@gmail.com