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Meeting Directions: CrossPiont Church


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We’ve enjoyed a warm and dry December with little or no snow.  This, our last meeting of the calendar year, has so many members away enjoying the holiday break with family.

We had 21 members & guests join us for presentations, discussions and plain old story telling.

The meeting room was fully engaged when President Cal Branton started the meeting at 7:05.

David Andersen’s ¼ Scale Macchi C.200 Seatta

David, (Andersen Designs) shared his latest design project, an exact ¼ Scale Macchi C.200 Seatta radial engine fighter!

This fighter aircraft was developed by Aeronautica Macchi (AerMacchi) of Italy around the mid-1930s.

Macchi C.200 ¼ Scale Specifications:


Over-all Fuselage length:

Fuselage length: 

Estimated Weight:


Recommended Power:


  104.25” (3.76m)

  92” (2.24m)

  81.25” (1.9m)

  30#-35# (16 to 20 kg)

  Custom - Sierra Giant Scale

  50cc to 90cc

  Callie Graphics

Cal Branton is building the ¼ Scale Macchi C.200 prototype with the assistance of Kirk Hall.  They are looking at the DA-70cc twin for power.

The horizontal stab is removable so the airframe can be carried in a small car.  Kirk displayed one wing that had been built the day before the meeting.  The Maachi C.200 radial cowl is produced by Micko Aircraft as well as an optional fiberglass fuselage so it should be a quick build!

We look forward to seeing it fly this spring!


Dennis Simmons Kolm IL150V4-LE

Dennis shared his story of a past experience with a giant scale Spitfire that went wrong.  He’s decided to try again, but this time with a gem of an engine in the nose.

The Kolm IL150V4-LE is a three cylinder, 4 stroke inline gasoline engine that should fit perfectly in a ¼ scale Spitfire or P-51.

Dennis had waited 6 months for his 130 FSI to come from Germany when he got the message from the shipping company that it had been stolen in Miami.  He waited another 4 months for this replacement to arrive.  Kirk Hall found a YouTube video of another 150V4-LE running on a ¼ scale fighter,  the sounds are amazing!  We can’t wait for Dennis to bring it out for a test run.


Don't Forget

Mark Your


Roy Maynard’s 1/5th Scale F-16i “Sufa”

Roy, shared a project update on his latest F-16i Sufa project.  The kit is a 1/5 scale F16i Sufa made by Scale-Jets in Holland.

He had originally planned to purchase an the F-15 kit but it's still in development after 5 years so he decided to go with the Sufa instead.

Roy is the first to own a Sufa kit in US.  From the time he switched his order, the kits arrival was about 7 months.  He says it’s absolutely the best quality kit he’s ever purchased.  "I really love the Israeli Air Force color scheme".  Checkout rendition picture at the left, we can't wait to see this aircraft completed.  The radio control system for this project will be JETI.

Roy has not picked a turbine engine yet but he is planning on a 250N unit.  Scale-Jets designs their kits to compete at Top Gun and Jet World Masters competitions.  The latter restricts dry weight to 20kg (44 lbs.).  Roy figures his will be closer to 50 lbs.  Roy has been completing his painting and detailing.  All paint masks were supplied by Callie Graphics to Roy’s specifications.

The kit is all composite.  Direct servo interaction for all control surfaces.  It has leading edge slats, flaps, and air brakes.  The retractable gear is robust and pneumatic.  The scale cockpit is amazing but you have to assemble on your own.  Roy’s guessing something like 3-4 weeks of evenings just to do the cockpit!

The model is an excellent flyer and Scale-Jets kits have won team scale at Top Gun many times.


Joe Niedermyr’s FMS Pilatus PC-21

Joe shared his most recent project, the FMS Pilatus PC-21, billed as the Next Generation Trainer.  This is a very nice looking electric scale model offered by Horizon Hobbies.

The wing span is 1100 mm (43.3”) and is supplied with a 40A ESC for use with a 4s 3300mAh battery.  The retracting gear and fully enclosed gear doors are very attractive! It looks like a great model to have in the car!


Brandon Archer’s NGH-38cc 4-stroke Gas Engine

Brandon shared his latest acquisition from Motion RC. The NGH 38cc is a low cost (<$400 USD) entry into the gasoline 4-stroke market.  He has acquired an ESM Hawker Typhoon (originally built by Chris O’Connor) and is replacing the RCGF-26 with the NGH-38.

The Hawker needed a lot of weight in the nose, so it should be a good swap.  Hopefully Brandon will have the engine swap complete for flights this spring!

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