December 2022

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Friday January 27, 2023


Meeting Directions: CrossPiont Church


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The members started to gather at 6:30 pm and the meeting room was fully engaged when President Cal Branton started the meeting.

Twenty-five (25) members and two (2) guests were present for presentations, discussions, and wonderful SFM camaraderie.


Victor Voleika has recently moved to the Cities from Sioux Falls, SD where he had been keeping up with the events of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota via our website.  We look forward to seeing Victor at more meetings and flying events!

Karl Hansen has been recovering from orthopedic surgery from his job with a railroad.  He’s been active in redesigning classic Top Flite red-box kits for modern laser-cut tab-in-slot construction, servo usage, and power-plant flexibility.  We hope to see more of Karl this year!

Karl Hansen's Laser-Cutting & Printing

Karl (Planes Gone By, LLC) displayed the construction of his latest Top Flite red-box kit re-design, the Grumman F7F Bearcat.  The fuselage is self-aligning and can be assembled without glue, as true for the wings, horizontal stabs, and vertical fin. The structure was redesigned to accept glow, gas, or electric power.

His prototype is looking at a 17cc to 20cc 2-stroke gasoline engine.

Karl is also designing scale retractable landing gear for the model that can use some Robart strut components.

He has reproduced most of the Top Flite red-box series of kits as well as the TF-Gold Edition Kits and the Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair, P-51B & P-51D Kits.  He is also available for custom work if you have a special project.

He’s also offering laser cutting services as well as large format plan printing on 36”, 42”, or 46” wide paper.

Contact Information:

Planes Gone By, LLC



phone: 763-313-2682 (USA)


John Baligrodzki's Ki-76 Scout, by Andersen Designs

John has been working with Dave Andersen on a new design for a unique and rare Japanese scout aircraft. 

The Ki-76 is like the German Storch, the British Lysander, and other designs.  It is a high-wing design with a radial engine and stout landing gear. Over 900 Ki-76s were built but very few survive WWII for scale detail.

This model is ¼ scale and will have a wingspan of approx. 148” and is expected to weigh somewhere near 45#.  The powerplant is still being determined.

John and Dave are experimenting with a Balsa-Free designed model.  The construction is lite-ply, spruce, and shaped foam. John brought in a sample of the horizontal stab that he had built the day before. It was glassed and had a coat of primer sanded already.

Looking at sheeting, John’s experiments in glassing and painting balsa sheets were not better in weight or cost than simply painting 1/64th plywood.  So using 1/64th play will make construction faster and stronger. John also experimented with finishing the pink foam used in construction.  He used two different covering materials, fiberglass, and SIG Cover-All.  Then he used different finishing on the fiberglass, polyurethane, and epoxy resins.  His observation was that the Cover-All was more difficult to apply and finish.

John used an inexpensive hand foam cutter from Amazon that cost something like $25 for making ribs and structure.

Since the construction of the Ki-76 is so simple, John figures he might have it ready by 2025. We hope it can be earlier!


We look forward to seeing you in January!

Our next meeting will be on Friday 1/27/23, at 7pm.

David P. Andersen's New FW-189A-1 design project

Dave introduced his newest design of a 1/6th scale Focke-Wulf FW-189 Warbird.

The wingspan will be 120” and the aircraft is expected to weigh in near 39#.  Dave displayed a partial drawing of the aft tail-booms and the horizontal stabilizer with the sideways retracting tail wheel imbedded in the center of the stab.

The new design specifications and contributors; Focke Wulf  FW189A-1  in 1/6th scale, Span 120 inches, Weight 39 lbs (est), length 73 inches, two 4400 watt (BadAzz) motors (prototype)

Contributors: David P Andersen, Chris Spangenberg, and David Spinnetti with assistance from Roy Maynard.


TEAM COMPOSITE’s 45% Me-163 Project Update!

Jan Larsen, Ahmed Bassal and Scott Russel carried in the nearly complete Fuselage plug for their 45% Me-163 Komet Project.  The 96” long plug was drawn in CAD and then sectioned.  Each section was broken into quarters so the parts could be printed on the team’s five 3D printers.

It took over 240 individual pieces, each taking 8 to 12 hours to print, and over 40 rolls of material, to make up the plug.

The plug fits over a pipe to allow Ahmed to rotate it as he sands, primes, and details every hatch and rivet for creating the mold. As of this meeting, he had finished the tail section, just aft of the cockpit. This is the first time the entire plug has been assembled.

By the time you read this, the plug may have already been used to create molds for the fuselage.  Jan also shared the metal cutting templates that will be used to cut the four sections of the 164” span wing plug.  Jan has built a custom foam cutter to ensure accuracy.  The wing templates were water cut and have a perfectly smooth edge so as not to snag the hot-wire during cutting.

Ahmed demonstrated how the vertical fin plugs into the fuselage. We will not see the Komet again, until the March Meeting when the finished prototype will be displayed.

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