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... don't forget, we always look forward to seeing your wonderful projects.  Please bring'em to the next meeting and share your knowledge and insights! 


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church


Photos & Meeting Notes Courtesy of Scott E. Anderson



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Our December meeting called to order promptly by President Cal Branton with 33 members and guests in attendance.

Zach's son gave a presentation of the small scale gym flyers such as the Beechcraft Staggerwing with flaps & retracting gear.  Scott Anderson bought the little beauty from him and tried really hard NOT to fly it in the church!


Chris Grundemann & Shane Logue closely examine one of Zack's turbines.

Zack Geragi has jumped in and started an on-line hobby shop selling everything you might need. 

Targeting the giant scale and turbine flyer they have everything from Hysol epoxy to LinTon and AMT brand Turbines.

Jan Larsen’s, Skymaster F4 Phantom

King Tech 120 Turbine, Powerbox, Mercury SRS, Futaba Radio.

Working drogue chute for landing using 3 pound test fishing line that broke at 8 pounds, The fishing line should break-off if it is accidentally deployed over 40 mph.  The plane Weighs 30#.  3.2 liters of fuel gives a 9 minute flight.


Roy Maynard’s, Ziroli JU-87 D-5 long wing Stuka

Still adding dry graphics – Flight-Line Graphics, Powered by a Engine DA-60 with a Falcon 3B German Wide blade 3-blade prop 21x10,

Gene Barton Spinner, Hans Brutov design pilot, Sierra Giant Scale Struts, Wing Span = 114”


Cal Branton's, SU-30 Twin 70mm EDF BNF Jet

Cal brought his new E-flite SU-30 twin 70mm EDF jet.  This SU-30 is an impressively large scale replica of the multirole fighter that delivers incredible performance combined with Extra Scale details and functional features to offer a truly incomparable flying experience!

First Flight Shakedown & field review by Ryan Media on YouTube.  Cal's Jet is showing all the armaments and scale bits that come with plane, Ryan's 1st Flight is done without them.

Jeff Quesenberry’s, 1/5th scale DeHavilland Mosquito

Purchased project 16 years ago.  Originally Brian Taylor Plans blown up to 124” wing-span.  Unitrack Retracts used without landing gear doors.  Powered by (2) Quadra Q-45’s, Functional Bomb bay.

Canopy – choosing between flat screen and V-screen windshield, Bob Holman Plans has fiberglass nacelles – Jeff built his (like building (3) fuselages),

Using Bates “Tempest” spinners w 5”-5/8” backplates, Sullivan 7” wheels with 3D printed hub caps, Expect finished weight of 50# in late 2020, or early 2021


Roy Maynard’s, ¼ scale Bristol Fighter F2B

Roy's WW1 Design, drawn by David P. Andersen,  is a New ¼ Scale Design of an odd looking but unique aircraft.

The design uses new component materials and techniques, including leading edge CF-tube construction.  Fuse will break behind the cockpit for transport.

Roy's prototype will be powered by the DA85 with a Brison Custom Muffler.  We've included "Constr. Sheet #1" for your review.  Hopefully, Roy will make his design available to our global visitors once the Prototype has been test flown.

1/4 Scale Bristol Fighter:  Sample Build Sheet#1


Our next meeting will be on Friday January 31, 2020 

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