Our next SFM Meeting in on January 25, 2019.  We continue to look forward to seeing some of the wonderful projects being developed by a number of our SFM Members ... Please bring'em to the next meeting and share your insights! 


Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos & Meeting Notes Courtesy of Larry Sorensen



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Dennis Batty Presented his Dave Platt P-51A. 

This beautiful 1/5.5 Scale P-51B/F6B Mustang has a wing-span of 83".  The details and paint scheme is that of those aircraft that were part of the 10h Photo Group based in Europe.

Dennis put in extra effort to find and fit a Malcolm hood canopy.

The cockpit is very well done and features a representation of the camera which was mounted directly behind the pilot’s head.  Construction is wood with a custom fiberglass nose and air scoop for this version.

Servos are integrated into the trailing edge of the wing so that no linkages or horns can be seen.  Powered by a Moki 180 gasoline engine.  Finish is Klass Kote with a weathering and a dull coat finish.

**Dave Platt's Design is unique in the P-51 R/C world.  Dave claimed it was more accurate and more realistic version of a P-51, right down to its gulled leading edge and the laminar-flow airfoil.  His claim bares merit as it's best accuracy has been proven in competition (highest Scale Masters static 1982).


Zach Geragi & Rick Freeman Giant Scale Main Retracts

Zach Geragi and Rick Freeman demonstrated a set of giant scale main retracts that they designed and fabricated.

This is a follow-up to last month’s showing of the nose gear for B-1 Bob’s Cessna Citation Jet with a 16 foot wingspan.

The mains also use Actuonix electric linear thrusters for motion.  The throw of these thrusters can be adjusted with endpoints on the transmitter.  They run on 12 volts DC and have over current protection. 

The retract frames were welded rather than bolted together on this version.  3/8” pivot shafts ride on needle bearings.  Oleo springs are sized to handle the anticipated weight of the Citation, around 70 pounds.

David Anderson's Latest, 1/4 Scale Northrop BT-1

David Anderson displayed and discussed his latest plans for a quarter scale Northrop BT-1.  This dive bomber was the first designed to dive vertically and could withstand a 9G pullout.  Main gear retracts 37 degrees rearward into “trouser” fairings; some estimated the drag of this arrangement to be worse than fixed gear.

The BT-1 was known for being overweight, underpowered and under-gunned.  And prone to snap roll.  Dave will do things better on the model.  Jeff Quesenberry plans to build the first one.  A DLE-120 should fit. 

Jeff Micko, Micko Aircraft & Accessories will be developing the three piece canopy.


Joe Neidermeyr's, Me-262

Joe Neidermeyer brought in his new Me-262 from Dymond Modelsports.  Twin 70mm ducted fans, 4S 5000 mAh power.  Joe refinished the model in a different scheme.  The original paint was removed using acetone with no damage to the foam.

Imperfections were filled using Subterrain foam putty (cool stuff - check-it-out), a product popular for working with scenery in model railroads.

The final colors are a mixture of Krylon grey primer and Home Depot latex sample paint.  The latex is thinned with windshield washer fluid and brushed on the model.  Nice results Joe!


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