Our December 2016 was called to order by Cal Branton precisely at 7PM.

Meeting Directions: Southtown Baptist Church



Photos Courtesy of Scott Anderson

Next meeting will be Friday January 27th - 2017, don't forget to bring your latest projects for Show & Tell!


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The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Cal Branton.  Thirty Four (34) members and guests joined us for the Holiday gathering.

There were no business items to discuss so we stepped into the show & tell section of the meeting.

2017 Dues reminder...

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Larry Sorenson - Composite Repair

Larry gave a presentation on repairing composite structures such as broken fiberglass fuselages using fiberglass cloth and thin CA glue.  It was a simple process that works for epoxy and/or polyester based composites.

The final joint usually can be filled in flat, as compared to the rest of the fuselage and be almost invisible. The final repair is reported to be as strong as the original structure! Larry showed some of his glider fuselages where this technique save it for another day!


Composite Repair - Tips/Steps

  • Look at the break to see how clean it is
  • Often need to remove frayed cloth (scissors or sanding)
  • The material must be flat across profile
  • Use a single light source to look for shadows indicating bumps
  • Splint the broken joint and tack with CA
  • Sand a trough at the break for the new glass to fill
  • Add glass cloth and CA glue to wick it down and fill the trough
David Andersen - IAR 80/81 WWII Fighter Project

Dave had received the fiberglass fuselage, cowling and detailed parts from member and professional molder, Jeff Micko.


The detail in the fuselage looks great and it is supplied in two scale parts just like the full size where the rear of the fuselage is joined to the front just behind the wing by four bolts.

These parts are going to Phil Schwartz who is building a prototype to evaluate the plans.  Phil is using a 1/4 scale set of P-51 gear with custom forks in this build.  We look forward to seeing Phil's progress!

Joe Neidermayr - EDF Airliner Project

Joe brought in his latest project he's designing to use a pair of 64 mm diameter EDF metal fans he acquired from Taiwan.

On 3 cells they bench test at 500 watts, on 4 cells he expects about 750 to 800 watts output.

The project started out from re-scaling a set of Keith Sparks Boeing 757 plans to get a 60" span that would work for his smaller fans.  His airframe weighs


in at 4 pounds and he expects a final flight weight of 7 to 8 pounds.  Naturally Joe had more engineering to do as the original model had fixed gear.  Joe designed and built his gear and doors.  As he was working the airframe he did a little sanding here and a little sanding there and before he knew it , he had changed it from a Boeing 757 to become an Airbus A320 that he will finish in Lufthansa colors.  We'll be looking for a flight report once he finishes!

Zach Geragi - F9F Panther Turbine

Zach showed his latest acquisition, a 22 pound Grumman F9F Panther powered by a Jet Central Bee 80 turbine. This aircraft was finished in chrome finish Monokote over a fiberglass fuselage.


The colors were chosen by the builder for high visibility.  The Bee 80 turbine has 18 pounds of thrust and is a propane start and has 16 hours of running time.

Zach spent time on the phone with representatives of Jet Central and was assured that it will not need to be refurbished for some time.  Zach will be working with SFM club members this spring towards his turbine waiver.  We look forward to seeing it fly!

Jeff Edstrom - Engine Starting Safety

Jeff has been hand flipping his 65 cc Triplane engine and he's decided he does not want to risk his fingers as much as he used to.

He's found just what he wanted from RCS Industries, the Rolling Chicken Stick. You can check it out on their website. www.rollingchickenstick.com


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