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December 2015

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A Scale Flyers of Minnesota meeting was held on Friday, December 11, 2015 @ 7:00 pm. at;

Southtown Baptist Church.

Our next Meeting is January 15, 2016 @ 7:00pm

 At the last meeting ...

  We had over 30 members and guests join us for our second meeting of the season!

The December meeting was well attended.  SFM Secretary, Scott Anderson, was not able to attend due so SFM Treasurer, Larry Sorenson, was gracious to take the following notes and capture images for your reading pleasure!

I want to thank Larry again for capturing this meeting and being such a strong contributor to the SFM.

SFM President, Cal Branton, displayed his 1/3 Albatros D5a.  Span is 133 inches, weight is 45 lb, flies with a DA-85 engine.  Built by Barry Vogel from Dave Johnson plans and used by Balsa USA as a basis for their 1/3 Albatros kit.

Fuselage construction features 1/64 plywood skin over ply formers.

The dummy engine is very well detailed including magneto ignition and the carburetor.   This Albatros has flown three times and is modeled after one flown by Harmon Lentil, squadron leader of Jager 63. 


Ahmed Bassal showed the standard version of his Chenghu J-10A "Firebird".  A Chinese Delta Winged multi-role fighter. Available at

The Chinese J-10 jet model that he produces disassembles to fit in a compact carrying case. Apparently not compact enough for airline baggage however.

On a recent flight he had to repackage a model into two smaller boxes to deliver to a customer.  Video shows it performing well, hovering and flying 3D with a vectored thrust 200N turbine installed.

Roy Maynard brought his 25% Heinkel HE 162 fuselage to show the progress on the landing gear installation.  The doors are actuated by a link to the landing gear struts.

Location of the link attachment on the door is critical to correct operation.  The main landing gear doors over travel as they open, then close slightly to their “gear extended” position.

They work flawlessly.


Larry Sorenson brought in a menagerie of model parts to show several ways to mount retracts to carbon fiber flex plates.  The carbon reduces the shock loading on an airframe.

These have prevented damage in a Yellow Aircraft Spitfire (80 flights) and a Cermark MB-339 (60 flts).  Both models weigh around 24lbs.  Also shown in a Skymaster F-16. 

Typical rail thickness is 1/8” and can be found at and other sites.

Larry also talked about hidden control linkages including the rotary drive system (RDS) and a sliding tube-in-tube method.  These were demonstrated on a display board which showed the hardware required.

The rotary shaft coupler can be found at  (servo to shaft couplers).  More information and parts can be found at: 

The Scale Flyers of Minnesota are blessed with so many skillful and talented scale modelers.  Many of these modelers are also very talented and have a very keen eye with a camera!  Over the years this webmaster has received photos from members like Scott Russell, Kirk Hall, Jeff Quesenberry, Joe Grice David Andersen and many others that I've share with our website visitors from around the world.

Recently, our very own SFM Secretary, Scott Anderson sent me a flash drive with numerous photos to use and aid me in the development of our "new updated" website.  Below are just a few of what I received and as you can tell Scott has a real knack for picking out subjects and a sharp eye for photo composition.

If you'd like to see more photos of SFM Flyers in action checkout our Photo of the Month Achieves.  To learn more on Photo Composition checkout the 10 Rules from Digital Camera World.



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To Our International Visitors ...

Visitors, we appreciate your questions, inquires and support to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!

Share your knowledge ...


Cal Branton, President


Larry Sorenson, Treasurer


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary


Jon Bomers, Web Editor


Scott E. Anderson, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.


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