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December 2011

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The next meeting of the winter season of the Scale Flyers of Minnesota will be held on Friday, January 27, 2012 at the American Legion Post-6501 Portland, Richfield.  Come early and dine in the restaurant.  (Directions)

 At the last meeting ...

Special thanks to our Newsletter apprentice's who teamed up this month to provide notes and photos, while David was engaged in a speaking commitment this month!  Do I hear a couple of nominations...

Hopefully, NASA can get by without his expertise next month - you'd think they would understand by now that "You Never Deviate From Scale!"  and of course "the 3 View Rules!"


  • Brian Crossley collected membership dues for 2012.  If you haven't had a chance to submit yours yet you can do so by mail, please Click Here and forward to Brian using the address on the form.

  • Annual Dinner - Cal Branton suggested scheduling the SFM annual dinner at Outback for February 18th.  More info to come!

  • David Andersen couldn't attend tonight as he is an invited speaker at another function.

  • The 36th Annual TCRC Auction scheduled for Saturday February 11, 2012.  Sellers information as well as directions, set-up times etc...  Click Here

  • Guests/Returning Members: Larry Sorenson & Dave Schmidt

Field Updates!

  • Tri-Valley RC (TVRC) continues to look for a site.  The most recent option appeared to be sponsored by the land owner but it was opposed by the neighbors and the deal is considered dead.

  • Minnesota Valley RC (MVRC) loses their flying site as of January 1st, 2012 due to landowner’s financial troubles.  They have verbal permission from the bank that they can hold their New Year’s Day event on 1/1/12 but the field will be gone after that date.  MVRC has cash reserves for a land purchase if an opportunity is available.

  • Regional Clubs:  Twin City Radio Controllers (TCRC), Grassfield RC (GFRC) & 3M RC have offered memberships to displaced MVRC and TVRC pilots.

Scott Russell showed his Yellow Aircraft P-40E Warhawk.  Scott purchased the P-40 from the builder Darren Quade of Illinois.  The 84” span, 31 pound P-40 sports a full detailed cockpit and spring loaded gear doors.  Scott performed the maiden flights and the builder decided to sell it.  Powered by a ZDZ-80 pulling a 24x12 3 blade Air Wild prop the P-40 is quick (est: 120+mph) but Scott tells us the ZDZ takes a tremendous number of flips to start.

He uses full flaps (30-35 degrees) for landing and would like to see if he can get more deflection to slow up landing.  The Yellow P-40 slows up nicely without a tendency to drop a wing.  The P-40 is finished as #474850 located at the Frasca Air Museum in Champaign, IL using water based Warbird Colors.  The aircraft has 9 flights on it and one rough landing in a plowed field in Owatonna.  Scott says the Warbird Colors blended so nicely that it is difficult to see where the repair was made.

B-29 All Gift Wrapped for Christmas!

Dan Schmidt showed his Bob Holman Plans built 1918 Pfalz DXII WW1 Axis Fighter.  The Pfalz was built to ¼ scale and has a wing span of 87 inches.  Dan built the fuse on the dining room table in their Oregon apartment thanks to his very understanding wife!  The wings were built in a rented storage unit (similar to Storage Wars).

It is powered by a ZDZ-40 hidden by a detailed Proctor dummy engine.  The fuselage was planked in balsa to get the complex curves.  The wings were covered in Glenn Torrance Models lozenge colored fabric.  Dan said the fabric comes in 16” x 60” lengths but the lozenge pattern required that the fabric be positioned with the 16” width be span wise.  This required Dan to learn to sew the fabric together (end to end) to cover each span using his wife’s sewing machine and a double stitch needle.  The finish is 6 coats of nitrite dope covered by butyrate dope. All rigging is using Proctor hardware and wires.  The Pfalz weighs 26-27lbs and has been flown.  It is slow/draggie and predictable


SFM President Cal Branton showed his Fiber Classics Spitfire Mk.II.  Cal tells us this model is an early version of the CARF Spitfire.  The fuse has a molded ‘oil can’ effect rather than being smooth.  Cal bought the 102” span 50lbs Spitfire from a builder in Indiana. It is powered by a single cylinder Quadra Q100 baffled for cooling.

The builder had constructed a custom box muffler for the engine.  The retracts look like they may be Sierra Giant Scale gear.  It has a fully detailed cockpit and a number of notable scale detail improvements including navigation lights.  The flaps were constructed from carbon fiber sheet and the wing is a single piece fastened to the fuse with (4) bolts.

Kirk Hall showed his 1/3rd Scale Balsa USA Nieuport 28 C-1.  Kirk bought the Nieuport from Bob Walker (Robart Manufacturing) at the 2011 Warbirds over the Midwest meet in Fond du Lac, WI.  Kirk had some work to get it back in shape to fly.  It is powered by a 3W-80 twin.  He will be replacing it with a DA-100 this winter.  It spans 107”, weighs 36# and has 3 flights since overhaul.  He has a classic 26 x 10 Zoar prop for static and uses a 25 x 10 for flight

To Our International Visitors ...

Thank you for checking into our website from time to time.  We appreciate your desire to keep Scale & Giant Scale R/C planes flying everywhere!


Cal Branton, President

(651) 459-5107

Brian Crossley, Treasurer

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D. Andersen, Secretary

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Jon Bomers, Web Editor

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Fly well, fly safely and share your skills

David P. Andersen, Secretary of The Scale Flyers of Minnesota.

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