Scale 3-Views

New 3-View subjects are added periodically. Some of the thumbnails' are faint but just click them for the detail & proper size.  Most of the 3-Views are in excellent shape and a number of them have been used in scale meets.  There are a couple that are not as clear as we'd like to see them but we did our best to clean them up.  Special thanks again to Jim Bell for his additions!

Current List (updated 08/23/2023)

AT6-D North American,  Bell P-63,  Boeing B-17,  Bucker BU 1318 "Jungmann",  Cap 10 B,  Curtiss P-40,  Cutiss R3C-3,  Corsair,  Douglas B-23,  Extra 300s,  Fairchild 24,  Funk B-856,  GBZ,  GR-7 "Bummers Bullet",  Knight Twister,  Lockheed P-80,  McDonnell F2H-2,   Hawker Tempest,  MIG-3,  Nakajima KI-84, P47B,  P47D-40-RA,  P47N-1-RE,  P47D-30-RA,  P47 Breakouts & Exploded,  P51-A,  59 Piel Emeraude,  Rearwin Speedster,  Ryan ST-A 1936,  Short Bristow 1927,  Spitfire XIV,  Stinson,  Super Stearman,  Taylor Craft,  Waco Taper Wing,  Waco "F" & Ten, Waco "S" & "SRE".

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AT6-D North American

Bell P-63C King-Cobra


Boeing B-17


 Bücker Bü 1318 "Jungmann"


Cap 10 B



Curtiss P-40


Curtiss R3C-3


Douglas B-23


Extra 300S


Fairchild 24


Funk B-856




GR - 7


Hawker Tempest

Knight Twister - Racer


Lockheed P-80 "Shooting Star"


McDonnell F2H-2


Nakajima KI-84

P-47B & P-47-30-RA  "Republic"

P47D-40-RA & P47N-1-RE  "Republic"


P-47 General Breakouts "Republic"

P51 - A  "North American"

Piel Emeraude 1959


Rearwin Speedster 6000


Ryan ST-A 1936


Short Bristow 1927


Spitfire XIV




Super Stearman


Taylor Craft - Clipped Wing


Waco "F" & Ten


Waco "S" & SRE


Waco Taper Wing



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