Big Bird Trailer Set-up

So you think its time to get a trailer for those Big Birds you've been taking to the field and out of state fly-ins? While there're many brands to choose from, the one thing you need to do first, is to think about how you want to set one up!. How many of us have met or know an individual who "got the great deal" on a trailer only to find out it didn't meet their needs.

I don't claim to know it all regarding trailer set-ups but when I saw this one, I thought I'd share it with you.

Blaine_Cap.jpg (82065 bytes)

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Trail Truck.jpg (36133 bytes) 232 Caps_Truck.jpg (86604 bytes) Inside Trail.jpg (66072 bytes) Inside Trail Front.jpg (214026 bytes)
This is a 16 x 8 United brand trailer. You don't want try to pull this one with a Geo Metro Here's a shot of the owners 50% & 35% CAP 232's In addition to the CAP's, there are two 40% aircraft with there stabs off. Notice how nice the side door lends itself to taking an inside photo...among other uses! 
E Track.jpg (164532 bytes) Beams.jpg (189742 bytes) Tie Down Shot.jpg (58028 bytes) E Track2.jpg (166313 bytes)
The owner used E-Tracks and Web Panels and available from companies that build Convention booths.  I'm sure the trailer manufacture would have options as well but check out different sources. The owners tie down system is straight forward and effective. In the Twins Cities companies like GES Exposition & Brede Exposition would have'em
Tie Down Shot3.jpg (105179 bytes) Wings.jpg (56851 bytes) Storage Box.jpg (80973 bytes) Tie Down Shot2.jpg (44219 bytes)
The mesh panels strength and ease of use is highlighted  Wing Holders Great Storage box! Members who fly Warbirds would need to employ the tie downs to their fuse cradles.

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