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1/4 Scale P-47 Molds Jon B's 42% GR-7 Jeff Edstrom Dave K & Dave S J. Grice & D. Schulman
Kirk Hall Delaware Jeff, Cal & Phil Delaware Denver Weekend! John Bombardo's Cub J Quesenberry's LA-7
Kirk Hall's Piper L-4 Tri-Valley Photo Pete Stapleton's Pather Phil Schwartz' Sandy Jon Bomers Razor Sizing
Roy Carrigan Seattle Joe Grice 1st Toledo 2010 R Maynard 2nd Toledo Sod Busters Scale Sunday Marvin Sanderson's B-25
SFM Annual Holiday Gathering Warbirds Over the Rockies Matt Teresinski 3rd Scale D7 in Finish Colors Opie's Grumman OV-1B Yes Opie's thinking about cleaning up the shop!
Dennis Crooks - Beech J Quesenberry's Ki-84 Chris O'Connor's T-34 Mentor P-40 Warhawk Gathering Cal Branton's B-25

David Andersen's

Howard Pete Racer

Chris O'Conner

"Top Gun" Practice!

Chris Launer's

Fokker Dr1

Jeff Q & Opie

Northern Alliance Fly-in

Bill Hunchis


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