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Carbon Fiber Push Rods

Darrel Cady can supply the push rods for our planes.  These rods are wonderful and available in different sizes and lengths.  They are hollow and can be threaded and the weight is 20% that of a normal 440 threaded rods.

A typical setup might be to cut the C/F rod to the length you want using a Dremel tool to cut the C/F and slip a long aluminum sleeve over the end securing it with a drop of medium CA.  Our hobby shop carry K&S tubes and they make a nice aluminum tube that just fits over the CF rod..  The aluminum tube is to stop the C/F rod from splitting under side load.  Cut two lengths of 440 threaded stock about 1" long.  Use a tap to cut threads into the CF rod.

Now put epoxy on the 440 thread and screw in the 440 rod half an inch into the C/F rod.  You should now have a C/F push rod with 440 ends that is very light in weight and very rigid.

Connect Here to D. Cady's Website to Order.

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