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March 2014 Newsletter

This Month: David's 1/4 Saab 21, Joe Grices' JETI DS16, Toledo Expo highlights & 2 Winning Club Members!, Phil Schwartz 1/4 Scale P-51, Scott Russell's new 275mph Composite and of course much more ... read more


Flite Metal, it's not so tough!

Nice article & two(2) video's to help your first efforts come out like the pro's!  read more


This Months Featured Video

Balancing Large Props!


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The Scale Flyers of Minnesota are dedicated to building/designing scale radio controlled model aircraft replicas of historic full-sized aircraft.  At our meetings (during the winter months) we share information on scale documentation, building and finishing techniques, new available products as well as various discussions on flying skills required in scale modeling.

Scale Flyers of Minnesota club members have gained the reputationof designing/ building some of the most unique Scale & Giant Scale R/C Model Aircraft  in our hobby.  This site captures some of that unique knowledge and presents it to you as a resource, reference and enjoyment.

Our site's contributing members have years of construction and design experience.  They're active in prestigious scale events such as Top Gun and the Scale Masters.

You've seen our Members Designs, Kits & R/C Products highlighted in several National R/C Aircraft Publications.  Some of our members have gone a step farther by providing their proven aircraft designs and products here for your review, free download and purchase.

Thanks again for stopping by!  Feel free to Contact Us if we can help you with your scale projects.  Also help support our efforts by Joining the SFM Family - Hey it's only $10 dollars!

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Scale Aircraft Plan, Paint Masks & Documentation Downloads.

Andersen Articles

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 Additional Building, Tips & Technique Articles!

His Latest Offering

David's latest offering is an Exact 1/4 Scale Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs" and it's already an award winner!  Suitable for competition, everyday enjoyment at the flying field or museum static display.

For a brief period in 1937, the Mitsubishi Ki-15, code-named Babs by the Allies, was the fastest production aircraft in the world! The Ki-15 Karigane (Wild Goose) is a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft with a top speed of 300 mph.  Construction began in December 1935 and the prototypes exceeded all expectations.  About the same size as a P-47 Thunderbolt but only one-third as heavy, its range was four times that of a Spitfire and its ceiling was 6000 feet higher.  No fighter could catch it at the time. read more...

In addition to his new Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs", David has relaxed the copyrights© on his 1/5th Scale Focke Wulf TA152H,  1/4 Scale Lavochkin La-7,   1/3rd Scale Grumman Lynx,   1/3rd Scale Howard Pete and the 1/5th scale ARADO 96B.  You've seen David's Designs in various R/C Magazines and your Regional Scale Event Contests ... now you can download these plans at no charge!  read more...


Micko Aircraft's founder has over 25 years of scale modeling experience and has participated in several Scale Masters Tournaments.  While his passion is building and flying scale aircraft, he also designs high quality Composite Kits, Fiberglass Parts & Vacuumed Formed Parts for aircraft designers like David Andersen Designs and others.


Micko Aircraft & Accessories has just announced that it has expanded its offerings to include an enhanced Scale P-47D Razorback, with additional panel lines and rivet detail!


Micko Aircraft's NEW Scale Grumman F6F Hellcat

Exciting news from Micko Aircraft & Accessories!  Test flights have been made & this bird will exceed your expectations!

Micko Aircraft & Accessories is rolling out their FULL COMPOSITE F6F HELLCAT ... there's a Short Kit version with Fiberglass Fuselage too!  The short kit includes the wing and stab plans as well as presenting all the parts that have to cut from balsa and plywood.  Pre-orders are now being taken with our full roll-out on March 31, 2014.  Contact Micko Aircraft

There are several kit cutters that make a very fine full wood kit that contains all the sheet, stick wood and balsa, hard wood blocks and laser cut parts to build the complete wing and stab from our plans.

There is quality landing gear made by Robart, Sierra Giant Scale and/or Century Jet that will work very well with this Scale 95” Hellcat F6F.

Scale Hellcat F6F Specifications


2.25" = 1'

Wing Area

1700 sq"




3.7 to 5.8



Weight Range

34 to 43 lbs

One of the unique features of Micko Aircraft is that they're happy to speak with you about Custom Fiberglass Parts for your specific project as well as parts for other designers & kit suppliers. read more...


Scale Builder Tools

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  » Large Prop Balancing (Video)

  » Length Converter

  » Making G-10 Material (Video)

  » Pull/Pull Set-Up (Video)

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